About my OC's

I've been making OC's since around 2010! Tangleleap was my very first one that I made back on the old Warriors forum. Tangle and Talon came after that. Those two were originally Megaman Starforce fan characters until around 2016 or so maybe? Neon and I ended up making our own world which developed into Cholpon! I made Peluna years after. Cholpon is the world where my human OC's live, while Peluna is inhabited by my furry OC's! Fan characters generally live in the canon world. Click the links on the side bar to learn more!

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This will only be OC's on my main account. I'm not including anyone on my alt or storage TH

B-Day list

January February March April May June
Ace - Jan 11th
Nova - Jan 23rd
Ari - Feb 14th
Bruno - Feb 29th
Kipper - March 9th
Lucia - March 24th
Ember - April 6th
Frost - April 17th
Izzy - April 27th
Zap - May 16th
Hope - May 30th
Mintyheart - June 7th
Chance - June 12th
Yumi - June 21st
July August September October November December
Tangle - July 8th
Talon - July 13th
Storm - July 18th
Ring Runner - August 3rd
Jazz - August 15th
Hunter - August 25th
Pamo - September 2nd Wesley - October 17th
Fidget - October 31st
Quark - November 7th
Dakota - November 14th
Shiro - December 4th
Vivie - December 28th


These are the characters that represent me the most! Sonas won't generally have a backstory unless they're a fan character. This excludes Dakota!
Storm and Vivie are my main sonas, and info on them can normally apply to both of them.

Storm Vivie Dakota Kipper Fidget Mintyheart


My humans live on the world Cholpon. They all live all around the continent Nemorstom. These are my most fleshed out characters. There's not really a story going on, but I'd like to make one someday. Tangle would be the main character!

Tangle Talon Jazz Chance Yumi
Lucia Ace Clover Shiro Bruno
Ember Izzy Ari


These are all my furries! They can be drawn as anthro or feral, but in canon they're all anthro. They live on the world known as Peluna!

Hunter Hope Frost Wesley Nova
Quark Pamo

Fan Characters

These are my FC's!

Zap Ring Runner