About Cholpon

In the past

A long time ago, the people of Cholpon didn't know the truth about magic in their own world. Some speculated it was real, citing historical accounts of those who could wield the elements or heal the sick to support their claims. Others claimed they were merely stories, finding ways to explain away most examples those who believed in magic provided; the elementals just found stones that could produce flames, or the healers simply understood the human body better than most. It likely would've remained this way if those stories stayed in the past. A girl discovering she can teleport to where she looks, a boy creating a fireball one cold winter night, and even rumors of a mother healing a town plagued by a disease that had taken her child soon came to light. Many wanted this power, this modern magic, but most found themselves to be lacking when they tried to call forth fire or sheets of ice. Soon, discontent began to spread, with the few who found their magic being targeted by the many who seemingly went without. Fights soon broke out, with the Blackjacks leading the charge against the fortunate few. It started small, but soon the Blackjacks became a force to be reckoned with, sparking a great war between magic wielders and non-magic individuals. If it weren't for the first Celestials, masters of magic in their own fields, the war would have probably continued to this very day. However, due to their efforts, as well as a lot of trial and error, the war was stopped with the discovery of magical potential in every resident of Cholpon. They may not have fire, nor ice, but with enough research, one could discover their own form of magic.

With five entire continents to check over, the Celestials found a need to delegate their work to others so they could continue studying their own respective magical classes. This, alongside a need for a successor, led to them taking on pupils of their own, training them in their own class of magic to someday become the next Celestial. Many continue to research the magic of Cholpon to this day, reporting their findings to their respective Celestials with each new discovery. They meet every year, updating each other on the newest findings in the field of magic as they continue to uphold the peace in Cholpon. The Blackjacks still lurk in the shadows, after all, and the last thing they want is another war.

In the present

Cholpon is considered a pleasant, peaceful planet. Under the guidance of the Celestials, the countries around the world maintain peace and care for the living creatures that call Cholpon home. There are seasonal, biannual, or annual trading markets depending on location. There local goods can be purchased or bartered for with a worldwide currency or other goods. The currency of Cholpon is coin and paper based, with paper bills being called Asters and coins being called Twinkles.

Cholpon's continents are ruled by a king, a queen, or both. These royals work closely with the Celestials to maintain peace since the war between magic wielders and those who discovered their magic late. Royals aren't always related by blood; some are adopted into the family. Each child is given a choice between succeeding their parents or striking out to make their own way in the world. However, if someone outside of the family is better suited for the role as king or queen of their continent, they're presented the opportunity to train under the current ruler to succeed them. If a king or queen is discovered to be corrupt, the Celestials band together to dethrone them, clearing the way for the next royal in line to rule. If there isn't a successor, that continent's Celestial will set out to find someone capable of being the next royal.

The citizens of Cholpon all have magical capabilities, often discovered before they become a teenager. Those who study magic have categorized these abilities into five categories: Elementalism, Summoning, Psionics, Whimsical, and Augmentation. Everyone only has one power, though it has been noted that powers can be inherited by parents, grandparents, or even other ancestors. Some siblings may find they have a similar ability, if not one that is exactly the same. There are multiple schools around Cholpon dedicated to educating individuals on their respective magical abilities and, if one is willing to put in the effort, will teach others how to master their powers.

The flora and fauna of Cholpon often live long lives; if proper care is given to them, they may live even longer than usual.

In the past, the Narix had many forms of magic just as modern Cholpians do. Some have survived to the modern day, such as many common forms of elementalism and future sight. Others were thought to be lost with the Narix themselves, kept alive solely through the records found in the ruins of their civilization. While some are well understood today, such as contracts with animals in the summoning class, others are still largely a mystery. Technomancy is the most recent example of Narix-age magic returning to Cholpon.


Cholpon has many holidays! New Year's, Valentine's Day, Halloween, and many more! Below is a list of holidays specific to Cholpon!

Echoes of Remembrance

Those who have passed on are celebrated on Cholpon, and a holiday decidated to remembering those who have passed is celebrated for a week each year. Celebration takes place in the spring, and families will come together and cook food, tell stories, and decorate and clean up the grave of their loved ones.

Unknown to those who are living, the dead do roam around Cholpon. Some will stick close to their family, and watch how they grow and learn. Others may decide to travel the world. They may not be able to influence the living in any way, but they sometimes reunite in dreams

Giftsgiving - November through December

Giftsgiving is quite different depending on the continent and family. Some families celebrate it by cooking a massive dinner for the entire family! Some families like to celebrate by giving family members thoughtful gifts during the winter season. Sometimes, you'll find families doing both of these. It's thought that this is what gave the holiday the name of Giftsgiving. Those who celebrate only with a feast tend to celebrate in November, while those who give gifts like to celebrate it in late December. Families who do both like to celebrate somewhere in between. It's one of the more popular holidays on Cholpon, though, like every holiday, some may not celebrate it at all. Even those without family may partake in the holiday by treating themselves or close friends to amazing food and/or gifts!