Yumi is someone who's kind and intellegent, though he's a little more street smart than book smart. He has an excellent memory, and can recall many different kinds of facts, or what happened on a certain day. He has a small group a friends that he's close to and loves to hang out with. He'll happily lend money to a friend without expecting anything in return, but is hesitant to give money to strangers unless it's for a charity he believes in.

Because he was raised in a rich household, Yumi feels the need to prove that he can do things for himself without the need to mention that he has the money to do the things he wants. He'd rather spend that cash on someone who actually needs it. Because he wants to prove himself, he has a hard time accepting gifts to the point he's stubborn about it. When he's bored, Yumi will often unintentionally end up causing trouble, normally through his illusions. He doesn't think too much about it since they can't affect the world anyway. He doesn't really like to talk about himself, and prefers to hear about others.


Yumi is fit and stands at 5'7ft. He'll often be found in warm colors and/or striped clothes, and can be seen wearing jewelry like necklaces or bracelets from time to time. Most of the jeans he wears has some kind of rip in them. While he's normally seen with dark blue hair, his natural hair color is black. Yumi is almost always seen wearing his favorite hat! He also likes to wear beanies during the winter.


  • Playlist
  • Has magic in the Whimsical Class and can create illusions
  • Dyes his hair
  • He has a pet cockatiel named Cookie
  • Voice claim is Sean Chiplock (Thinking Yuuki from P5 or Kiro from Mr. Love Queen's Choice)
  • Has a house on the edge of Unity, but has a 5th wheel he often travels Nemorstom in
  • After meeting his birth mom, he changed his middle name to Luce and kept his last name as Brooks
  • He collects trading cards
  • Fluent in Spanish and English
  • He can talk in many different accents. His favorite is a Boston accent.
  • He can't figure out how to roller skate, but is pretty decent at ice skating
  • He makes up 'backstories' of random people he sees around him. He rarely writes these down though.
  • Loves to visit his friend's farm and help pick fruit from trees. He gets to keep some of what he picks.
  • He's nervous around larger dogs.
  • Knows how to unicycle
  • He likes fig newtons
  • He likes slightly ripped jeans because it reminds him of his childhood.
  • Yumi's favorite thing to do as a kid was making mud pies with Izzy
  • Sometimes gets mistaken for a girl because of his longish hair

Drawing Notes

  • His natural hair color is black. He can be drawn with his natural hair (Keep the white streak) or the blue and white streak
  • Hat is optional



Yumi considers Izzy one of his closest friends, and he's proud of how they've grown up and changed themself for the better


Yumi's true parents, Johanson and Ruby Luce, didn't have the same opinions on having a child of their own. Johanson didn't want one, and felt like it was better to give Yumi up for adoption. Ruby kept it a secret that she would rather keep her son, but eventually agreed to give him up for adoption a few months after he was born. Instead of giving him to an orphanage or adoption center, Ruby decided to give him to her close friend Amelia Brooks, who wanted a child but was unable to have one of her own. Ruby would help raise him behind the scenes. In return, Amelia gave updates about how Yumi was doing.

Growing up in a rich household, Yumi was quite often spoiled. Yumi liked his life, but found it a little boring. He was homeschooled and didn't get to meet many friends his age, so he enjoyed the time he got to go to the park with Amelia. He managed to make a close friend there named Izzy, and they eventually would go to each other's house, and have sleepovers. Yumi begged his mom to let him go to a public school so he could hang out with Izzy there, and she finally agreed to his request when middle school came.

Once he was transferred to Izzy's public school, Yumi didn't really try making new friends. He heard rumors of a rich kid coming to school, and heard talk about kids wanting to try and get money out of them. Yumi didn't know if the talk was true, but he didn't want to risk it and get taken advantage of, so he stayed low and stuck with Izzy and his small group of friends.

Yumi had a lot of fun hanging out with his friends, especially when they all started figuring out what their magic was. He was one of the last ones in his little group to figure his out. Yumi wasn't bothered by being the last, he knew the magic would come eventually, and boy was it worth it! Once he found out he could create illusions, Yumi had a fun time messing with his friends.

Just before high school, Yumi was asked out by Izzy and said yes. He was happy with Izzy even though the relationship only lasted around a month. While he loved spending time with them, he felt like he didn't have enough time to himself, or that Izzy thought about his feelings. Yumi thought things would get better, after all he'd heard of new relationship energy before, and he did enjoy spending more time with Izzy.

Yumi stuck close to Izzy throughout high school, and was still getting use to the fact that he was adopted. He confided in Izzy he felt he didn't think he deserved all the stuff he had. Who knows if his birth mom was rich or not. As he was starting to accept it, Izzy gifted him a hat that he continies to wear and keep in good condition.

After graduating, Yumi kept in touch with Izzy, and decided he should prove to himself that he could do things on his own without the help of Amelia's money, even though he did still love her dearly. He set out to master his magic by himself, often using it to create illusions on blank walls, or even an illusions of birds after he's come to like them. He set out to travel around Nemorstom, and found a love for taking photos of his travels. After settling in Unity City for a few months, he adopted a cockatiel that he named Cookie who has became his travel companion and friend.