"Anyone can do good if you give them a chance to!"


Tangle is an optimistic girl who looks for the good in everything she sees! She's exceedingly hopeful and cheerful as well. In her eyes, anyone can be a good person if they would just try, and she's willing to give people multiple chances because of that. This makes her quite gullible and often too trusting of others. Talon has had to step in and teach Tangle who she should trust, but Tangle insists that she believes anyone can be trusted if they're given a chance to do something good. She's seen people change when they were given a little kindness! Because of this, she's kind to others even if they aren't kind back. Tangle has a love for baking, and loves to try making the perfect baked good for her friends. She'll often surprise a friend, or even a cafe regular, with a treat she thinks suits them best.

She has a habit of getting easily attached to people, because of this she can become a little clingy to them. When times get tough, she looks for the good things in life, and tries her best to help others see those good things too. When things do get to hard for her, Tangle will go to Talon, Alos or spend time with her mom to try and calm herself down. When none of them are avaiable, her next go to is stress baking. It's next to impossible to get on her bad side. Tangle often starts daydreaming when she's working, which causes her to be unfocused at times. Tangle also gets stressed easily and does terribly under pressure.


Tangle is short and pudgy with a rectangular build. She's 5ft tall and has an A cup. She's often in bright or colorful clothing, and prefers shorts over pants when it isn't too cold. She's almost always seen with a cheerful smile on her face!


  • Playlist
  • She has Summoning class magic and can summon items she owns
  • Weapon of choice: Ice hammer
  • She and her sister own a calico cat named Spot
  • Lives in Sunshine City, at Rinto Shores
  • Works at a cafe called Smooth Sunshine
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry
  • Prefers sweet foods
  • Favorite sweet is strawberry chocolate fudge
  • Loves wearing bright warm and cool colors
  • Afraid of ghosts
  • Loves the cold and snow
  • Scared of the dark
  • While she doesn't really like peanuts, she will eat foods with them if she likes the food

Drawing Notes

  • She is an A cup. I'd rather her be drawn flat chested if you only draw large breasts
  • Her regular outfit is highly preferred over the dress, but feel free to give it a pattern or put something on the shirt!
  • Please remember to draw that little strand of her hair that starts at the middle top of her head and goes down.



Talon is her big sister! Tangle has a good relationship with Talon, even though Tangle finds her a bit too overprotective at times. While their ways of thinking may clash, the two have an unbreakable bond and will always be there for each other.


Content Warning: This backstory includes a house fire

Tangle has always been the happy-go-lucky kind of girl. She always found a reason to smile, and tried to show kindness to everyone she met. She and Talon have always had a close bond. Sure they had their disagreements, but they always made up in the end. They loved doing things together. Video games, making up games to play outside, and talking about what happened at school. They were both close to their mother, Rose. Tangle was also close to her father, Drake. She was sad when he left shortly after Talon's 6th birthday. She became even closer to Talon and Rose after that.

Not long after Drake left, both sisters found out they could summon items that they were thinking about. During the wintertime, Tangle had misplaced her favorite blanket. It was all she could think about due to how much she was shivering! When she felt something warm on her, she thought Rose or Talon had put a blanket over her. Tangle later found out that she summoned her own blanket! She was excited to share what she could do! She's always been happy with her magic, and wouldn't trade it even if she could.

Tangle loved baking the occasional cake, muffin, or cookies with Rose, and even Talon when her sister would help out. Rose couldn't go through any store's baking isle without Tangle asking her what they were going to make next! She was ecstatic when she was taught how to bake things from scratch, and would often try baking the things in her mom's cookbooks when she could get Rose to let her try something on her own. Her love for baking never went away, and Tangle loved making surprise treats for Rose and Talon when she could.

Throughout her school life Tangle had a belief that anyone can be a good person if they just tried. She told this to other kids and some people decided it'd be fun to try and prove her wrong. She always tried to have a smile on her face, even through the teasing. When it became too much she'd turn to Talon and Rose for comfort. The teasing lessened when Talon stepped in. Tangle was able to befriend at least one kid who tried teasing her. She took the girl to her favorite spots after school, and the two eventually became friends. This proved to Tangle that her belief was right. They're still friends to this day.

When Tangle was 17, she and Talon went out grocery shopping to help out their mom. When they came back, the girls saw a sight they never thought they'd ever see. Their home was on fire. Tangle was bawling her eyes out as she knew that Rose was in there. Talon tried to rush into the burning house to save Rose, but the firefighters held her back. Soon the firefighters that went in the house brought Rose outside. She had a few burns and was coughing, but she made it out alive. Tangle and Talon stayed at the hospital while Rose recovered. They were given some of the items that survived the fire, mainly photos and some other stuff. While Rose was recovering, their aunt contacted them and said she'd help them buy a new house. The girls and Rose were grateful for the help. After everything was set up, Tangle and Talon moved to Sunshine City. They visited Rose often while she finished recovering. After she recovered, Rose left to live with their aunt, who was her sister. The family still visit each other frequently.