Name: Talon Raslio
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Adult (22+)
Height: 5'5ft
Body: Rectangle, fit, B cup
Birthday: July 13th
Sexuality: Demi
Occupation: Music Store


Talon is quite distrusting of others, coming off as cold, and it takes a good amount of time for her to warm up to someone before she considers them a friend. She tends to avoid talking with others or keeps any conversations short and to the point. She's been describe as someone who's cold and distant when first meeting someone. Talon doesn't mind that it makes it harder to meet someone new. She'd rather be sure that she's befriending someone that she can truly trust. Talon is overprotective of Tangle due to their conflicting ideals. She's worried that her sister is going to get herself hurt, and Talon wants to prevent that.

When Talon does finally open up to someone, however, she's fiercely loyal to them, and would be by their side when they need her. She doesn't like opening up to others unless she's sure she can trust them completely. Talon enjoys having thoughtful, late night conversations with her close friends, and Tangle when she's up late. This causes Talon to have a habit of staying up late into the night just to keep the conversation going. While she doesn't like to do it, Talon does perform well under pressure.


S/O: Jack
Mother: Rose
Father: Drake
Sister: Tangle
Friends: Alos
Enemies: Ex bf and friends
Rivals: N/A

Drawing Notes

- None atm

  • Anything chocolate (Especially ice cream)
  • Music (Especially Rock and Metal)
  • Warm weather
  • Light rain
  • Wolves
  • Thunderstorms
  • The cold
  • Bitter foods
  • Noodles
  • Windy days

Talon was always close to her family as a kid, and she loved hanging out with her sister when she could. Playing video games, reading book, riding bikes, all kinds of stuff. Talon likes to think she had a good childhood, even with the disagreements she had with Tangle and her parents. She was heartbroken when their mother, Rose, said that their dad wasn't going to be back. She blamed herself for awhile since it happened a little after her sixth birthday, and she eventually grew to hate her dad, Drake, for leaving them. However, her bond with Rose and Tangle grew closer after that day.

Not long after Drake left, both sisters found out they could summons items that they were thinking about. As a young kid, Talon had a gray and white wolf plushie she was fond of. She'd bring it with her everywhere she went! This plushie, she named Littlewolf, was what started her love for wolves. Talon could often be found reading about them in her free time. She loved telling anyone who would listen about all the discoveries she's made! Talon did her best to take care of her little wolf plushie the best she could. At one point, it had been months since she'd seen it, so it was constantly on her mind. One day, Talon found the plushie in her arms after thinking about it, and ran off to tell her family. She quickly discovered that she and Tangle had the ability to summon items that they own. She doesn't user her ability as often as her sister, but she definitely thinks it's pretty handy.

During elementary school Talon had a small group of friends she liked hanging out with. Talon, Delilah, Kyle, and Braden were normally seen together, and were all great friends. That changed when a thunderstorm happened during school in the third grade. Talon had always had a fear of loud noises like thunder. When she hid under her desk. a few of the other students teased her about it, including her friends. After that day they tried making loud noises just to scare her. Talon asked them to stop, and when they didn't, she stopped hanging out with them. Throughout middle school she tried to avoid them. They started picking on her more often. She didn't make many friends during those years, but one she did make helped her out. Justin told the group off and they eventually left her alone. Talon and Justin grew close after that, and started dating in eight grade.

Their relationship didn't last long due to Talon not liking how Justin acted. It didn't take long for her to dump him. During sophomore year, Justin got back at Talon by teaming up with Delilah's little group. They started teasing and making fun of her whenever they could. Talon got tired of this and started lashing out at others when she became annoyed. She thought she could deal with this herself, so refused to tell anyone what was happening. Once she finally had enough she retaliated. Talon punched Braden and broke his nose, then threatened the others she'd do the same to them. They backed off, but gave her looks when passing her in the hallways. Since that event, Talon closed herself off to others. She's been afraid any new friends would make fun of her.

When Talon was 18, she and Tangle went out grocery shopping to help out their mom When they came back the girls saw a sight they never thought they'd ever see. Their home was on fire. While Tangle was bawling, Talon tried rushing in to save Rose. She knew their mom was inside. The firefighters had to hold her back. Soon the firefighters that went in the house brought Rose outside. She had a few burns and was coughing, but she made it out alive. Tangle and Talon stayed at the hospital while Rose recovered. They were given some of the items that survived the fire, mainly photos and some other stuff, and thankfully Talon's plushie. While Rose was recovering, their aunt contacted them and said she'd help them buy a new house. The girls and Rose were grateful for the help. After everything was set up Tangle and Talon moved to Sunshine City. They visited Rose often while she finished recovering. After she recovered, Rose left to live with their aunt, who was her sister. The family still visit each other frequently.

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