"Tell me your favorite fun fact!"


Storm is normally quiet and nervous around people she doesn't know, but can be loud and talkative when she's around people she feels comfortable with. While she does keep to herself a lot, she longs to reach out to people and talk with them about shared interests. She finds it hard to communicate her words, but she gets happy when she can be her true, silly self with someone even when she's having a hard time finding the right words to say. She loves to have something to do, and struggles to keep herself entertained, even with the things she enjoys. She loves to stick with the same routine, and struggles with change, but she also yearns for something new to do from time to time. Storm is easily entertained and excitable, so it doesn't take much to make her smile, even if she's in a bad mood. She likes to do her best to make others feel happy, and likes to try to get her friends to laugh.

Her moods can easily change, but to her that can be a good thing sometimes. Sure, a small setback or change of plans can upset her, but it also goes the other way around. One positive thing can happen and she'll be smiling. Storm will often keep things to herself about how she feels, and hates to vent to anyone about her problems. She finds it hard to talk to people about what's bothering her because she doesn't want to upset them. She struggles greatly with self doubt and worth. She likes to know she's doing something right, and adores compliments and praise because of this. She's bad at keeping in contact with even her closest friends, and also terrible at keeping a conversation going, but it always makes her day when a friend she hasn't talked to in awhile contacts her. To Storm, it feels like it hasn't even been long, and she can easily feel the same way she did about a friend as she did when she last talked to them. Storm often does things on impulse instead of motivating herself to get something done.


Storm is short and pudgy with a height of 5ft. She has a B cup, and likes wearing anything she finds comfortable. She'll normally be spotted in a short sleeved shirt and shorts, but prefers wearing pants rather than shorts when she's not at home. She loves lighter colored clothes or tie dye the most!


  • Should sonas get a Playlist?
  • She has magic in the Psionic class, so she can teleport
  • Lives in Coastline
  • While she prefers female pronouns, she doesn't mind male ones being used for her
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip
  • Her eyes are actually brown, so she wears blue contacts
  • She'll wear her glasses when she doesn't want to wear contacts
  • She's been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and General Anxiety
  • She doesn't have a sense of smell anymore, and lost it around elementary school
  • She has a fear of thunderstorms but likes watching the lightning from inside
  • Has a small rock and gem collection
  • If you leave a big box out she'll probably end up sitting in it or make a box fort with it
  • She loves puns. Especially cat puns
  • She hardly gets sick

Drawing Notes

  • She can be drawn as a neko or a regular human. Being drawn as a neko is preferred
  • I prefer her to be drawn flat chested if you can't draw small breasts
  • If she's drawn with glasses, then her eyes are brown instead of blue
  • Her hair can be anywhere between shoulder length to middle of her back
  • She can be drawn without her hoodie



Neon is someone Storm feels fully comfortable with. He's someone she can go to to seek comfort, and she feels completely safe around him to the point she's quite clingy.


Storm likes hanging out with Cloud. She finds playing games with him fun, and appreciates that he puts up with her silly ways. She thinks he's relaxing to be around, can comfortable sit quietly with him while they both vibe.


Storm feels like she and Sora understand each other! She has a lot of fun hanging out with Sora.