Name: Storm Mazin
Gender: Nonbinary She/Him
Species: Human (Neko)
Age: Adult
Height: 5'0ft
Body: Rectangular
Birthday: July 18th
Sexuality: Demirom, asexual, and polyamorous
Occupation: Baker


Storm is normally quiet and nervous around people she doesn't know, but can be loud and talkative when she's around friends or family she's close to. She's bad at keeping in contact with even her closest friends, and also terrible at keeping a conversation going, but it always makes her day when a friend she hasn't talked to in awhile contacts her. To Storm, it feels like it hasn't even been long, and she can easily feel the same way she did about a friend as she did when she last talked to them. Her moods can easily change, but to her that can be a good thing sometimes. Sure, a small setback or change of plans can upset her, but it also goes the other way around. One positive thing can happen and she'll be smiling. Storm will often keep things to herself about how she feels, and hates to vent to anyone about her problems. She finds it hard to talk to people about what's bothering her because she doesn't want to upset them. Storm often does things on impulse instead of motivating herself to get something done.


S/O: Neon, Cloud, & Sora
Mother: Undecided name
Father: Undecided name (Doesn't know him)
Friends: Comet, Ace(Ex but besties), Elya

Drawing Notes

- Her ears and tail are not optional unless I want her drawn as a regular human
- Her bangs can be side swept if that's easier for you. Or just come up with a bang style.
- Do NOT draw her with big boobs. You can draw her flat chested though
- She can be drawn with glasses. They're blue and kinda rectangular. If you draw her with glasses her eye color will be brown.
- Her eyes are only blue since she wears contacts to see
- Her hair can be anywhere between shoulder length to middle of her back
- Can be drawn without a hoodie. Shirts are normally lighter colors. Loves wearing tie dye or galaxy clothes!

  • Swimming
  • Rocks
  • Stars, space, astrology
  • Oversized sweaters
  • Puns
  • Sudden noises
  • Screamo/Heavy Metal
  • Waking up early
  • Nuts
  • Spicy things
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