"Would you like to sit and read with me?"


Shiro is a by the book kind of guy, and prefers following directions rather than winging things. He's responsible and great at getting things done right on time. He likes to say it helps that his workspace and home is neatly organized, and that it helps him think better. Shiro likes to believe that everything has a spirit, and does his best to treat things with respect, nature and magic especially. He enjoys spending his time outside, and says that he feels the most at home when he's reading out in his yard. He's normally quiet due to not using his voice very often. Because of this, Shiro learned sign language, and will communicate through writing when he doesn't feel like speaking. When Shiro does talk, it's usually not for very long, unless he's talking to family or close friends, It's rare for anyone to hear him yell something.

Shiro is honest, and some say he can be insensitive because of that due to him believing that honesty is the best policy. He's terrible at keeping most secrets. He has a tendency to blame himself when things go wrong, and the thought of what he could have done to change an outcome lingers in his mind for days. It's easy to get Shiro to start blushing. When he does blush, Shiro pulls up his scarf to hide it. He easily gets jealous, but is good at hiding it.


Shiro has an average build and a height of 5'4. He normally wears his jacket, or at least has it around his waist. He's never seen without his red scarf around his neck. He uses it to hide a scar he got as a kid.


  • No Playlist yet
  • He has Augmentation Class magic, and has healing magic
  • His nickname in school was Snow Child
  • Lives in Marina, and previously lived on Lunali
  • He doesn't normally bring up he's part of the Narix unless asked about it
  • When he doesn't feel like talking out loud, Shiro will either use sign language or write instead
  • His favorite ice cream flavor is blue moon
  • His voiceclaim is a quiet, soothing voice similar to Yuki from Fruits Basket, or Lucien from Mr. Love Queen's Choice
  • He speaks in a quiet voice unless he's angered
  • He owns a ferret named Chip
  • One thing that gets him talking is asking him about ice cream
  • He has a low heat tolerance
  • He works at Snow Haven making and selling ice cream
  • He believes in ghosts and spirits
  • Enjoys learning and knows many useless facts
  • When embarrassed he pulls his scarf up to hide his blush
  • When he's bored he likes doing origami

Drawing Notes

  • He's never seen without his scarf. He can be drawn in different outfits as long as the scarf is still there



Shiro is close with his big brother Bruno. He loves all the things that Bruno will do to keep him smiling, and that he's always asked if he wants to hang out with Bruno's friends.


Shiro loves Ari, and enjoys feeding the ducks with him, and listening to the little rambles he'll go on.


As a young kid, Shiro was close to his mother, Yuki, and was taught to respect things in life at a young age, how that was a tradition that the Narix kept. Yuki told him all kinds of stories about the magic of Cholpon, and how she thought that magic was a gift to all who live here, even if they're seperated from the rest of Cholpon. She also told him how nature should be respected for all it does for everyone on the planet. Shiro took her words to heart growing up.

He always loved ice cream. It was his favorite food! Whenever he could, Shiro would put some milk into a bowl and freeze in. A few hours after he'd show his big brother, Bruno, and his parents, Yuki and Boris, his ice cream. After awhile of this happening, Yuki showed him how to make real homemade ice cream. Shiro loved it! He'd often ask to make it, or he'd try making it himself if he knew they had all the ingredients for it. Bruno would often help him with making the ice cream. Shiro liked experimenting with flavors as he grew older. He found some nice combinations this way. Shiro had a good relationship with his brother. Sure they had their arguments, and a rocky relationship at the start. He doesn't know any siblings that doesn't. They always had each others backs growing up.

When he was younger, Shiro and Bruno loved tree climbing. They'd often dare each other to climb higher. One day Bruno was reading a book at the base of the tree while Shiro was climbing up. He wasn't paying attention to where he was putting his feet, and missed a branch. He slipped and fell. On his way down, a branch had cut his throat. He was lucky Bruno had heard the fall and caught him before he hit the ground. Bruno carried Shiro inside and told their parents what happened. Yuki and Boris patched up the cut. Shiro didn't like the scar it gave him, and started hiding it with his scarf. He started talking less since it hurt a little when he talked loudly. From this point on, Shiro started talking softly, even after it healed he continued to either talk softly, or not really talk at all.

A few years after the tree incident, Shiro discovered he could heal injuries after Bruno dropped a cup and shattered it. Bruno was left with a bleeding cut after trying to pick up the pieces. After Shiro healed the cut, he thought he'd be able to heal his scar on his throat this way, but it turned out that his power only works on recent injures. Shiro was disappointed he couldn't heal it, so he made sure to heal any injuries he, his family, or his friends got. He didn't want anyone else to end up with a scar like he did.

After Shiro graduated, he thought about helping people using his magic and soon decided to become and EMT. He worked to keep people stable with his magic so the others could do their thing. He enjoyed his work and loved that he was able to save others. When Bruno came to him to mention their technomancy friend was leaving the floating island of Lunali for the continents down below, he was surprised to hear Bruno wanted to go too. Shiro thought it over, and agreed to go with his brother.

The brothers stayed in a hotel for a little while as they went house hunting. The two of them used the extra money their parents gave them to buy a house once they found one they both liked in Marina. Shiro thought about becoming an EMT here, but quickly decided against that when he saw the ice cream shop called Snow Haven was hiring. He soon started working there, but does help in the town square if a medical emergency comes up and healing magic is needed. Since Bruno had his winged bunny, Mr. Snugglekins, Shiro thought about getting a pet as well. He went to the animal sanctuary, and fell in love with a ferret he adopted and called Chip.

Some time after getting Chip, Shiro met a guy named Ari who was visiting his shop in Marina. The two of them hit it off as friends, and he enjoyed chatting with Ari. After almost a year, he went to a duck pond with Ari, and listened to him go on about the ducks. Shiro was zoned out and missed what Ari was saying, and instead ended up confessing that he loved Ari. It didn't take long for Shiro to offer Ari to let him stay at his and Bruno's place, and Shiro was happy to see his brother got along with Ari. Shiro was a bit worried when Ari figured out that the two of them were from the Narix, and was relieved when all Ari did was ask a few questions and promised he'd keep it quiet.

The two of them helped out their technomancer friend whenever they could, and kept it a secret from everyone that they're from the Narix. Well, the best they could anyway. The hardest part was hiding that Mr. Snugglekinds had wings. Today, Ari and the friend group the brothers were in found out as well.