"Wanna come with me on an adventure?"


Lucia is headstrong and isn't afraid to tackle any situation that's thrown her way, even if it may put her in some kind of danger. She loves to go off and explore the world around her, though she normally doesn't go too far from home unless she's prepared. When planning a vacation, she'll often call on friends to see if they'd like to come with her. Lucia does well alone or in a group, and doesn't have a preference between the two. It'll depend on her mood in that moment. Because of that, she's been called sporatic by others. She's laid-back and likes to live in the moment.

She's open about herself and feelings. Lucia has a hard time letting go of things she sees sentimental value in, especially old clothes or plushies. She'll often resort to patching them up until she can't anymore. Most of her favorite clothes have a patch or two. She doesn't normally like to upgrade the things in her house unless she sees a reason to. After all, why fix something that isn't broken?


Lucia has a fit build and stands at 5'4ft. She has scars on the right side of her torso and arm. Her right arm stops just above the elbow, and instead she wears a prosthetic arm. She often wears warm clothes, including a fluffy collared jacket. Lucia likes carrying her things in a backpack instead of a purse.


  • Playlist
  • Has Elementalism Class magic that allows her to make ice
  • Previously lived in Snowbush on Patrune
  • She prefers to not be touched and would rather be asked first. Hugs are an exception with family and friends
  • Her musician name is Flora Fern

Drawing Notes

  • Backpack is optional, and can be any design or pattern
  • Prosthetic goes up to just above her elbow



Dakota is her childhood friend! She grew up with him during elementary school, and the two of them formed a close bond before she had to move


Izzy is her friend and music partner


Lucia met Ember online, and as soon as she found out they both have a prosthetic, the two of them quickly became close friends who help each other out


Content Warning: This backstory includes a house fire

Lucia always had an imagitive mind growing up. She loved writing silly little songs and stories as a kid, and made fun doodles for the stories she made up. She loved showing off what she made to her parents, who encouraged her to keep writing about the things she liked. She loved singing along to the radio, and trying to make up her own catchy songs. Once she met Dakota, she'd tell him all kinds of stories, and would share her favorite songs with him. Though her favorite thing to tell him was the stories she'd make up, or things she wouldn't admit she exaggerated.

She grew close to Dakota, and the two were close friends. When they didn't get the same teacher, she made sure to spend time with him before school, during recess, and after school when they could. She was ecstatic when Dakota showed off his magic to her! She loved seeing the kinds of plants and flowers he'd grow, and she always told him that she'd be next, but she never seemed to be able to do anything.

She was distressed when she heard that her parents were planning to move to Patrune. She begged and begged for them to change their minds! Lucia loved her life in Marina! She had her friends, and she knew her way around! Nothing she did could change their minds, so she sadly said her goodbyes to Dakota, and hoped that they could reunite again someday.

Lucia quickly became fond of Patrune and all the snow she got to see. She kept in touch with Dakota as much as she could, but sadly lost his address when she was twelve during a spring cleaning when her parents were helping her throw away old things in her room. She tried to remember it, but she never could.

Not long after losing her friend's address, Lucia was playing outside during the summer months. While it's normally more cool in Patrune compared to her old home in Nemorstom, there wasn't any snow! She knew her parents wouldn't want to go up to the mountains just to see snow during the day. While she was thinking about it, she felt something unusually cold in her hand this time of year. When she looked, Lucia beamed at the piece of ice in her hand. She learned that her magic was Elementalism that day, and she couldn't wait to get back to her old home and tell Dakota about it!

During her teen years, Lucia's parents introduced her to skiing. There was a ski resort up in the mountains close to her town, Snowbush. She had a hard time learning how to ski, and it took her a few trips to finally feel confident enough to ski without any help. When she was sixteen, Lucia had the idea of making her own skis out of ice she conjured. She quickly learned the hard way that doing that was a terrible idea. Before she knew it, she'd hit a tree. The last thing she could remember was her right side being in pain, then waking up in the hospital. She lost her arm due to the damage done, and has scars along her right side.

Lucia was in denial for awhile. Surely that was just a bad dream, right? Right. She was fine. It took her weeks to even start accepting it, and even longer to even think about getting a prosthetic. Lucia didn't think she'd need one. She'd do just fine! She started keeping to herself more after that. During this time, Lucia started to really get back into writing songs like she use to when she was young. She's write down how she was feeling that day, and soon made it an almost daily habit of keeping a diary. She'd often take her feelings and write them into a short little song, and she'd sing these songs to herself sometimes.

It was the next year when she did tell her parents that she wanted to look into a prosthetic. It took a little while, and some saving, but Lucia managed to get one she was somewhat alright with, though it took her more time to get use to it. Over time, Lucia grew to like her prosthetic and how helpful it is.

Once she was an adult, her parents got her a new one that fit better, and Lucia's been taking care of it ever since. Nowadays, she spends her time writing about things that come to mind, and has moved backed to Nemorstom. She wasn't able to find a place in Marina she likes, so she settled on living in Laminie. It's quite a change from going to a snowy wooded area, to warmer farmland, but Lucia doesn't mind it. Lucia started posting her songs online, and even gained a small following because of it. She's looking to move back to Marina, and reunite with her old friend.