Name: Jasmine Saxon
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Adult (21+)
Height: 4'11ft
Body: Androgynous, fit, flat chested
Birthday: August 15
Sexuality: Bi
Occupation: N/A


Jazz is quiet, independent, and will face most challenges sent her way. From pickpocketing to finishing her plate, if someone says she can't do it, she'll prove them wrong, usually while staring them down the entire time with a deadpan look on her face. This serious exterior often drives others away from her, making it difficult for Jazz to make new friends. However, if someone decides to stick around and match her stubbornness, they'd find there's someone worth knowing deep down. Buried beneath the tomboyish clothes and rough exterior is a girl who loves Jasmine flowers, tea, and food. A lot of food, actually.

Jazz isn't the easiest friend to make, though, and it takes a lot of patience to get on her good side. It's sometimes hard to tell if she's having a good day or not with how monotone her voice can be. Oftentimes you'll have to look at her actions, not listen to her words. While the best days can be picked out with emotion creeping into her voice, generally good days are highlighted by a distinct lack of pickpocketing, and perhaps a faint smile here and there. Bad days will find her being scolded by Chance, bandaged arms, and a desire to lay about the entire day afterwards. Jazz is also easy to annoy, making it harder others to get close to her.


S/O: Ed
Mother: Elaina (Deceased)
Father: Unknown (Never met)
Friends: Chance, Jack
Enemies: N/A
Rivals: N/A

Drawing Notes

She likes to keep her hair short, so the longest it can be is just below her shoulders
Bandages are optional but preferred. The bandages can be bloody
Bow and arror are optional
Keep in mind her height if she's drawn with another character

  • Jasmine Tea
  • Pick-pocketing
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Drums
  • Country Rock
  • Bees
  • Rainy weather
  • Being called short
  • People thinking she's a kid
  • Corn
CW for parent death, a car crash, and mentions of self destructive behavior. None are mentioned in detail

Jazz had always stayed with her mother, Elaina, growing up. She never did get to meet her dad. He left them shortly after she was born. Jazz grew close to her mother and loved picking flowers with her, specifically jasmine flowers. Jazz learned that was her mom's favorite flower, and that she was named after it. When Jasmine was around 9, she and her mom were driving home after getting some flower seeds. Elaina's car was hit, and only Jazz made it out of the wreck. It took her years to get use to going into a car again, and she kept having the feeling like a crash was going to happen again.

Jazz was put in an orphanage and started going by her nickname instead of her actual name. At the orphanage she spent her time reading books. Jazz was fascinated with history, the Narix, and how people use to hunt. She made her own bow and arrow out of sticks and strings and loved playing around with it. She was able to keep it hidden from the orphanage staff. Even though she did make a friend or two, she mostly kept to herself while there. She did get in trouble sometimes when she was with her friends. Especially when she found out she could run at high speeds. She often stole snacks for herself.

Jazz was never adopted, so she stayed with her friends in the orphanage. She became more interested in how the Great War happened, and how the Narix lived. While that did keep her occupied, she become more and more tired of living there. Jazz had started taking her frustration out on herself by hitting trees. She'd bandage herself up by the time she got back, and would tell anyone who asked that she just had a small injury and handled it herself. She went out to town and used her speed to her advantage. She'd often pickpocket whenever she could, and steal money so she could get something nice to eat, or buy something she wanted to get. If she was asked where she got anything new, Jazz would just say she helped people out. She never thought she was caught by anyone for years. Not until someone came and actually adopted her. She was surprised to hear it since she never really heard about an adult getting adopted. Jazz said goodbye to her friends, packed her stuff, and was led to a house. She was surprised to find out the one who adopted her wasn't the one she was going to live with.

Jazz quickly learned that a gang known as the Blackjacks had adopted her, and she was living with one of the higher ups named Chance. She didn't mind helping them since they got her out of the orphanage, though she couldn't really be bothered to do much now that she had a home to call her own. She did take interest in the work Chance did due to hearing how the Blackjacks were the one to start the war all those years ago. On her good days, Jazz spends her time helping the Blackjacks heists, and on bad days, she's frustrating Chance by injuring herself and laying around all day.

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