"Are you going to watch the blood moon tonight?"


Izzy's always been a dreamer who chases their goals. From stars and space, to beach combing, to music, or even fish, he loves researching information on his favorite interests. He's the perfect person to go to for fish advice, or get the dates of anything eclipse, blood moon, or meteor shower related. While shy, he'll quickly jump into a conversation if it relates to something he's passionate about. Izzy is mellow, and like to try seeing things from other people's perspective, though that's something he's still working on.

Due to his mindset growing up, he has a hard time remembering that the world doesn't revolve around him, and thankfully he's gotten a lot better and has mellowed since he was a teen. They're clumsy, and often trips over their pant legs or tail. He's careful around electronics, and avoids bringing any liquids near them. He's insecure and loves praises and compliments.


Izzy has a lean build and stands at 5'6ft tall. They love wearing blues and greens, and always wears the colors together. They have a hat with cat ears, and a prop cat tail that they love wearing around


  • No Playlist yet
  • Has magic in the Psionics Class with Technomancy
  • Has broken a bone before
  • Has a tooth gap that they're self conscious about
  • Musician name is Mabsuthat, or Mabs for short
  • Fish are friends, not food
  • He has a ton of things from beachcoming, from seaglass to seashells
  • Lives with their uncle
  • The perfect person to go to for dates on blood moons, eclipses, and meteor showers

Drawing Notes

  • Gradients can be solid if you prefer
  • He has freckles!
  • Hat is optional but preferred
  • Tail is a prop and is optional



Izzy's closest friend since childhood. These two were, and still are, inseperable! They've got each other's backs for thick and thin.


Lucia is Izzy's music partner and friend


As a young kid, Izzy often felt that he was like the protaganist of a video game, always thinking of himself first, and others second if they weren't friends or family. He wouldn't think of how others felt due to his actions, or how it'd come to bite him later. Izzy would only focus on the present, the here and now. Who cares about the past or future? He did manage to make friends with this mindset though, and one of his closest ones was Yumi.

Growing up in the small town of Laminie, there wasn't a lot a little kid could really do. He loved going to the park, and that's how he met Yumi, and became quick friends due to how they both had heterochromia. Izzy found that so cool! What were the chances of that? They'd tell Yumi all about the cool things they found at the beach, and ramble about their favorite animal, which was cats at the moment, and the two developed a close bond.

He loved visiting Yumi when he could, or having Yumi visit him. He was always amazed when he visited Yumi. Exploring the mansion was always a blast! And his mom was kind. When they weren't visiting Yumi, Izzy would be trying to talk their uncle and parents to go somewhere new and exciting. He loved going to concerts, or the beach, or even going somewhere new to stargaze! Izzy quickly gained a love for music, and would ask his family for all kinds of instruments. For one birthday, he got a toy piano and games like Rockband.

During the school year when they weren't rambling about any of their interests, Izzy would ask Yumi why he didn't go to their school, and found out that he was homeschooled. Izzy told him about all kinds of neat and not so neat things about being in public schools. A cool playground, all the cool games they play, and even how he felt that report cards were dumb. He was happy when Yumi was able to transfer at the start of middle school!

Izzy discovered his magic while fiddling around with a computer. While he was looking up information of his different interests, and he found out he had technomancy! This sparked his curiosity on what exactly he could do with it. Izzy begged for music lessons, and eventually was enrolled for electric guitar lessons in middle school. He used his technomancy to his advantage to control all the nobs on the machine, and have more focus on playing.

Izzy's mindset really came to bite them just before high school. They found themself falling for Yumi, and gathered the courage to ask him out. Once they were together, Izzy was inseparable from Yumi! He'd constantly see if Yumi wanted to hang out, or just spend time together, and never really thought about what Yumi wanted. Surely Yumi would also want to spend all his time together too, right?

The last straw was when Yumi found out he was adopted. Izzy didn't understand why Yumi was devasted. Nothing really changed. They hated how Yumi kept to himself more. Was it something they said? After many messages, Yumi finally sat down to talk with them. The talk Yumi gave him put things into prospective. Yumi explained how he felt, and said that he didn't think the relationship would work. Izzy was silent, but accepted Yumi's decision.

During high school, Izzy was quieter and tried to see things through other people's eyes. He still stayed close to Yumi, and was grateful that they could stay as close friends. Throughout high school, Izzy worked on himself and reflected more. He was thankful for Yumi calling him out, and eventually bought him a hat as a gift.

After highschool, Yumi offered to take Izzy with him traveling. Izzy declined, and told Yumi he'd keep in touch. They didn't feel ready to leave home just yet. He kept in contact with Yumi, and set out to find his passion in life. He thought about pursuing childhood dreams. Cats weren't his favorite animal anymore, it was fish now, but maybe something involving animals would be fun? They colunteered for a few jobs until they caught a livestream of a new, small musician known as Flora Fern. He hasn't kept up with his lessons, but he did remember how much fun they were, so he reached out to ask questions. Izzy explained his love of music, and how he uses technomancy to help with it. The musician, Lucia, was happy to chat with Izzy about music, and the two eventually met in person after they found out they both live in Laminie.

Izzy worked on improving their guitar skills, and even picked up an electric keyboard to play around with. Lucia eventually asked for their help, and the two started making music together.