Name: Piper "Ember" Sodium
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: Adult
Height: 5'7ft
Body: Androgynous A Cup
Birthday: April 6th
Sexuality: Lesbian
Occupation: Glassblower


Ember is efficient in whatever goal she's working toward, and is good at getting a job done. She has a lot of trust in others, and is the kind of person who gives people a few chances. After she found a love for glassblowing, Ember also found out that she likes making some glass items as gifts for her friends, such as glass vases, animals, and anything in between. She doesn't know what it is about glassblowing that's so calming to her, but she truly feels calm when she's in her workshop blowing glass and doing something creative with it.

Ember's insecure and afraid of what others may think about her. Sometimes thoughts like this, and other intrusive thoughts get to her, and causes her to need some alone time. She's impatient and has a hard time waiting for something to finish. Ember has a hard time coping with strong, intense emotions. Besides glassblowing, puzzle games also help her cope and keep the bad thoughts away. Ember has a love of hot foods and showers, and it surprises people when she says that her favorite season is autumn.


S/O: Rona
Mother: Wynona
Father: Jesse
Friends: N/A
Enemies: Chance
Rivals: N/A

Drawing Notes

- You can draw her with or without her fake hand. If you draw her without there's a scar on her nub
- Prosthetic can be drawn simplistic or complex
- She can be drawn in short or pants. They can be any color.
- Shirt can be any color as well! She tends to either wear reds/oranges, or blues
- She can be used as a vent character

  • Hot tubs
  • Spicy foods
  • Puzzle games
  • Sushi
  • Fireworks
  • Cold water
  • Ice cream
  • Authority
  • Bowling
  • Formal clothing
CW: Arson/Burning

Piper was close to her mothers, Jessie and Wynona, growing up she never had a sibling. She spent a lot of time with them and loved playing board games, especially ones with puzzles in them. She'd always have to be her favorite color in Checkers, or a specific piece with other board games. She had a favorite of almost everything! Her parents found it adorable, and would make sure not to use her favorite spoon or fork when they made her favorite foods. They didn't think anything of it until Piper started coming to them about these thoughts she was having. Piper didn't like admitting it, but she overthought things too often. She thought of things she never heard the other kids talk about. They found out that Piper had OCD and she was put on medication to help the intrusive thoughts.

Puzzles helped her cope with her intrusive thoughts on her bad days. She loved filling out the puzzle books she could get at the store! Word searches, cross words, sudoku, and everything else! There was hardly a puzzle book she didn't like. Piper would even make her own puzzles. She liked to make puzzles for her parents and friends to solve, and was excited when they did solve her puzzle. When she got into video games, Piper loved showing her parents how to play them, and watched how they solved a game's puzzle too.

There was one kid in her school Piper made quick friends with. Piper and Rona did everything together! Rona was able to help think of creative ways to ignore her thoughts, while Piper shared her favorite things with Rona. Piper eventually made them both matching friendship bracelets. That way, no matter what, they'd stay connected somehow. They promised each other that they'd always stay friends, and Piper was devastated when Rona told her that her family is moving because they wanted Rona to go to a better school. Before she left, the two of them made a pinky promise that they'd see each other again someday.

During the winter when Piper was twelve, she was cold and thought about a warm fireplace. She didn't realize that she held a small fire in her hand until her parents pointed it out. She was ecstatic to discover that she could conjure up fire that day! She could help out in all sorts of ways! Boil water anywhere, always have the ability to warm up when it's cold, and she could even warm up food if it got too cold! She was excited to show it off at school, but quickly regretted it when the kids kept saying that no good ever comes out of fire. She tried not to let it get to her, but she couldn't stop the thoughts sometimes. She kept to herself most of the time after that.

As she grew older, she started getting tired of anyone saying she was the bad guy for having a power she didn't get to choose. A small fire by someone's feet here, scare someone else by making her palm feel like it'd burst into flames while they shook her hand. Small scares like that started growing into something larger over time. By the time she graduated, she had given a small burn to someone she was scaring on accident. It wasn't so bad, so she kept doing it.

After highschool, Piper decided to stay with her parents for a few years before moving into her own home not too far from them. One night, she was walking down the street messing with a stress ball in her pocket. She witnessed a robbery from the bank, and noticed a purple haired guy running out. She fled the scene, not realizing that she dropped her stress ball. The purple haired guy noticed her, picked up the evidence she was there, and fled. Piper didn't realize it was missing until the next day. She noticed a guy with the same hair color go behind the casino, and decided to follow after. She melted a gate's lock and went inside to get her stress ball back. Things went south from there. Before she knew it, Piper was surrounded, and one of the guys had her stress ball. She was fighting back until she realized her hand was on fire. Piper didn't realize that someone had copied her power to burn her hand. She had done a number on the gang when the police arrive. She found out the she'd been framed for the robbery, and was seen guilty for badly injuring the people she fought.

Piper was locked up and had her hand amputated due to it being too burnt to save. While in prison, she started going by the name Ember. While in jail, her magic was negated since prisons negate magic, but it didn't stop her from getting into fights. It hurt when she found out that her old childhood friend worked there. She didn't know what Rona would think of her now. She was glad to see that Rona was still wearing the friend bracelet, and hated the fact that hers was burned up when her hand was charred.

Ember chatted with Rona whenever she could. Rona eventually made new friendship bracelets, and was even able to get Ember out of prison as long as she lived with her. While living with Rona, she was able to get a prosthetic hand. Her handwriting may never be the same, but she was happy to have two hands again. She was quietly planning her revenge on the casino gang as she stayed on Rona's good side. Rona got Ember a job to do glassblowing, and Ember found out she really enjoyed it. She'd often make things for Rona, and ended up asking her out. The two still live together, and Ember's still trying to get back at the Blackjacks.

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