"Do you want to see my favorite place to relax?"


Dakota tends to keep to himself most of the time, and enjoys his alone time just as much as he likes talking to his friends. He loves listening to other peoples passions, and encouraging them to chase their dreams. He loves watching people progress in their skills and hobbies, and it encourages him to try and learn more about the things he loves, even if it makes him jealous if they've gotten better than him at something he likes doing. Dakota will try and help someone find an answer to a question, or help figure out how to do something if he's able to, though he's more likely to help a friend than a stranger.

Dakota loves cats, and has learned a lot about them over the years. He likes offering advice when he can about them, and helps out at a rescue when he can. He has a hard time opening up to others due to friends leaving him in the past. He knows he's made some bad decisions, or just wasn't able to communicate something properly, and he has a tendency to blame himself because of this. Dakota is prone to panic attacks, and will often go to a secret spot in the woods that he's made for himself so he can calm down.


Dakota is thin and has a height of 5'4. He loves wearing warmer colors, and loves wearing his cape everywhere he goes! He likes bringing his phanny pack with him so he has an extra pocket.


  • Playlist
  • Has Elementalism Class magic that allows him to control plants
  • Lives in Marina
  • Diagnosed with ADHD and general anxiety
  • Has a brown tabby she-cat named Mocha
  • He goes by Nero online
  • When he needs to calm down he likes sitting outside under a tree
  • He has a tree in the backyard that has a hammock he lays in
  • He's currently learning guitar
  • He likes watching frogs sometimes since he use to catch them and bring them inside as a kid
  • Has a lot of bird feeders outside in hopes he won't get pecked since he's giving them food
  • He was pecked by a pet goose as a kid and has been scared to get pecked ever since
  • Normally has an apple scented candle in his room that he finds relaxing

Drawing Notes

  • Cape is optional but preferred. The cape has a hood on the back
  • The little things next to the gem can be drawn more fluffy. I don't really have an idea of what they're made out of I just thought it looked neat
  • White lines the in and outside of where the hood on the cape connects
  • He lost one of his canine teeth
  • Can be drawn in different outfits. Matching capes would be cool but not a necessity



Childhood friend and eventual partner


Content Warning: This backstory includes a house fire

Growing up, Dakota's family didn't always have a lot of extra money to spend. His mother left him and his father after a few years, so it was always just those two and his grandparents. Dakota was always thankful that they had enough food to get by. Even if it wasn't brand name, or the best kind of food. He loved it when he was able to get a new toy or video game, and liked showing things off to his family or friends. When he was younger, Dakota really liked how superheroes looked with capes. He might've not cared much about the shows themselves, but he was almost always seen with a blanket tied around him in a makeshift cape.

Dakota had a few pets throughout his childhood. He mostly had cats that end up wandering off. He loved each one of them, and liked to think they found another loving home. He loved collecting cat plushies and books about cats! He did have a dog or two, and absolutely adores both, but he's always been slightly more of a cat person. Dakota doesn't really talk about his previous pets due to missing them too much though.

He had a childhood friend who was always by his side. He was close to Lucia. The two did all kinds of things together. Dakota made up all kinds of games to play, and Lucia thought of creative stories to tell that she made up on the spot. Dakota promised Lucia that he'd always be by her side no matter what.

Dakota got into trouble sometimes with his friends that caused him to go to the principal sometimes in school. One day, someone had drew little hearts on all the lockers during an assembly in elementary school, and the teacher had the class vote on who they thought it was. Dakota voted the kid who wasn't there during the assembly. He didn't like that the class voted him. He didn't even realize his words could be considered flirty! It was something that always bugged him throughout his life since he never did figure out who it was.

When he was out in the woods one day, Dakota thought about how fun it'd be to swing from vines through the trees, or even have a vine swing. He was surprised when vines appeared after he thought that. He learned that he had the power to control nature. He had a lot of fun seeing what he could do, and over time he made himself his own secret little spot in the woods where he liked to be alone. He started collecting books about different kinds of plants and flowers to see what all he could grow.

When he was around ten years old, Dakota found out that Lucia's parents were going to move to Patrune, and that he had no idea when he'd be able to see her again. Dakota was devastated hearing the news, even if they were able to keep contact through mail, it wasn't the same! He was able to keep in touch with her for a few years, but he eventually lost contact with her when he was around twelve. He had a hard time making friends after that. He didn't want to be heartbroken like that again.

As Dakota grew older, he helped around the house in any way that he could. His grandparents helped with money issues, and when he was in middle school he was finally able to get online and surf the web when he was at home! He quickly went by Nero online since he really liked the name. He often got into drama without meaning to, and eventually learned to keep to himself more often than not. His idea that making friends only hurt you in the end became stronger when he kept losing friends. He may know now that he was in the wrong for being dramatic and getting into drama, but it didn't make it hurt any less.

Even as an adult, Dakota stays home and helps out since he's scared to go out into the world. He doesn't want to get hurt. Physically or mentally. So he stays at home most days and hopes he'll eventually come across Lucia online somewhere. He's told himself that he'll find her someday.