An ancient civilization known as Narix was discovered through ruins and deciphering ancient texts. Researchers have found that the people of Narix thought the magic of Cholpon was sacred, and treated it with respect. Ruins have been found over each of the five continents. It's been discovered that the first Masters were descendants from the Narix. According to the research that has been done, Narix was around even before the Great War happened. How they kept magic a secret from those outside their homes is unknown. It's theorized that the people from the Narix civilization used magic in their everyday lives, and may have even relied on it. Elementalism to grow beautiful gardens, cook their food, give them light, and much more. Texts say that Summoning was used to help others move from place to place a little easier. Psionics with telekinesis are recorded to have been quite helpful to their people, and those with future sight saved many lives by averting disasters. It's said that luck was used on crops for bountiful harvests, and Augmentation to boost all of these, or heal the sick.

While there isn't enough evidence to prove the theory, many historians and scientests believe that the Narix may still be around. Historians have found what appear to be codes and puzzles hidden about the settlements in each continent. The desert settlement in Pomios was where these hidden puzzles were first found, and these are still being deciphered. A popular theory is that these ciphers contain information about how the Narix lived and thrived. While others believe that the secrets within the ciphers contain information about what happened to the Narix.

The Narix was divided long ago by the original Blackjacks. They fought amongst themselves, and both sides left puzzles behind should anyone find out their meaning. If the puzzles and ciphers are decoded, one would find out that the Narix had split up into two groups in two locations. One group has hidden a floating island, kept secret from the world through powerful magic. This island is known as Lunali. While the other group hid themselves in an underwater city. Far from Tundrow. This city is also protected by powerful magic to keep it safe and hidden. This city is name Cinali.

During the Great War, the Narix set up teleporters between their homes. Originally they were for strategic movements against the Blackjacks, but were then repurposed for attacks between the two continents. By the war's conclusion, the teleporters had been decommissioned, serving as a relic of a dark time in Narix history. Seven-hundred years later, Cinali cleared off the dust from the old teleporters and took the first step in repairing their relationship with the Narix of Lunali. A shaky alliance was formed, allowing leaders and researchers to travel between the two continents to check on each other and research the differences between the two lands. Everything went smoothly until a century ago, when word reached Cinali that the Blackjacks had returned, and this time they had magic that had once only been found among the Narix. The two continents decided to repurpose some of their teleporters to connect to Cholpon, sending researchers and their families to investigate the somewhat new magic of Cholpon. It was only twenty years ago that the Narix leaders opened the portals to the rest of their people, allowing anyone to move to Cholpon so long as they kept their Narix identities a secret. Today, the Narix have settled decently well with the rest of Cholpon, with only a few high-ranking individuals aware of their existence.

Modern Narix live similarly to the people of Cholpon, though with more advanced technology. This includes some advanced forms of Cholpian magic, magic once thought to be lost, and devices that anyone among the Narix can use. Due to living apart from the rest of Cholpon, the Narix have been forced to develop their own independent forms of survival, from agriculture to maintenance of the magic keeping them apart. Some jobs were made specifically to maintain their isolation from the rest of Cholpon. Despite reuniting with the modern people of Cholpon, these occupations are still present in Narix society, as their trust in the rest of Cholpon is shaky at best. After reuniting with the people of Cholpon, the Narix created teleporters to Lunali and Cinali. However, these teleporters will only activate for those the Narix trust; Anyone else attempting to use the teleporters will find it to be as useful as standing on any other non-magical rock

Lunali, the city in the sky, has made some adaptations specifically to their environment to survive. For example, the Narix of Lunali use rainwater directly from the clouds as a source of freshwater. This water is distributed to most houses for personal use, though some is set aside specifically for agricultural purposes. They also have advanced paragliders to help them travel quickly from place to place. The most common form of magic found in Lunali is cloudwalking, which does as the name suggests. Those with this magic often help gather rainwater, though some may not make that their career. Due to the prevelance of cloudwalking, cloudshaping tends to be a common hobby in Lunali. The Narix here often wear warm clothes due to the cold temperatures found so far up in Cholpon's atmosphere.

Cinali, the underwater city, has also been forced to adapt to survive. Since the city sank back during the divide, a massive coral reef has grown over the land. Because of this, the Narix of Cinali have created a symbiotic relationship with the ecosystem of the reef, maintaining it in return for protection from the wildlife there. That, on top of powerful natural currents, protect Cinali from unwanted guests. Those who live deeper in the reef tend to see better in the dark, seeing as they're so far down sunlight doesn't often reach them. They do have lights along the depths, however, for those who live further up. The most common form of magic in Cinali is the ability to breath underwater, usually through water or air elementalism. Those without this magic are taught to hold their breath for long periods of time, though they're provided with bubble charms to give them mobile air pockets. This is so they're prepared if their charms fail before they can reach a natural pocket. Some of the jobs unique to Cinali are Pocketmakers, Reef Carers, and Anglers. Pocketmakers, as their name implies, make air pockets around buildings in Cinali as well as between long stretches of water for others to take air breaks in. Reef Carers maintain the structure of the coral reef, caring for dead patches and patching up spots that have fallen ill or were damaged in some other way. Anglers maintain the population of the local marine life. This not only keeps the reef alive, but also provides a source of food for Cinali. The Narix of Cinali often dress in light clothes to make travel between air pockets easier. To liven up their appearance, they often accessorize with shell jewelry and other aquatic stones. Those in the deeper parts of the reef will often use bioluminescent stones, while those in shallow waters find colorful shells and seaglass instead.


The Blackjacks are the largest, well known gang in Cholpon. They have bases in each continent. Whether or not they're up to something big is unknown. What is known is that they rob banks and preform heists every so often. Nowadays, the public isn't worried about what they do. Most believe they've just become petty thieves, but the Celestials still keep a watch on them.

One Location hidden from the public is in Nemorstrom's Unity City. They have complete control of the casino there. The Blackjacks' plan is to control the Celestials to be able to call all the shots. Only the highest ranking members know the plan. Everyone else thinks the gang is in it only to have control of the money.

Blackjack Ranks

Jacks - The top of the Blackjacks. Run everything and pulls the big strings
Kings - Heads of big cities
Queens - Heads of territories
Jokers - Close to kings and queens but doesn't run a branch
Ultimo - Head of specific buildings
Captains - Run smaller groups in the building. Keep staff in line
Valet - Keeps the unknowing staff at a division out of the know, and looks for some to recruit
Acorns - In training
Royal Flushes - Lowest/Newest members

Territories are called Houses
Teams in Houses are called Hands
Bankers handle finances, possibly orders heists if needed
Punters - Do the dirty work. Additional rank if wanted, but people manipulated into the gang are this


The Celestials are the masters of each class of magic. They work with the kings/queens of each continent to keep the peace, and they train people to eventually take their place. They're responsible for keeping the magic system up to date with any findings. Those who work or study under them are called Celestialites, or some shorten it to C-Lites. Some study and train as a Celestial's pupil, and can be chosen to be the next Celestial if the current one needs to be replaced. Others like to study under a certain Celestial to gain knowledge, learn more about their magic, and help the Celestials wherever they can.

Elementalism - Lunar Bay - Kalista (F)
Summoning - Pomios - Masaki (F)
Psionics - Patrune - Chase (M) (Successor chosen by Kai (NB), who's comatose)
Whimsical - Nemorstom - Yumi (M) (Successor of Marcello (M), who's comatose)
Augmentation - Nibia - Tom (M)