"Hey, what are you up to? Wanna hang out?"


Bruno has always been the guy who likes to hang out with a group of friends, and enjoys being in a crowd and talking to people. He'll often be found at social events chatting away with friends and strangers. He's extroverted, and knows exactly how to keep a conversation going for hours if he wants to. Though he's just as happy staying home, spending time with his little brother Shiro, and the pets they own, Mr. Snugglekins the rabbit and Chip the ferret. He's friendly and loves to hear how his friends are doing, and can often be caught chatting with someone for hours. Bruno's well organized, and is good at keeping up a daily routine. He's confident in himself and dedicated to getting things done. He adores cooking, and will cook for others when someone wants him to. He isn't afraid to experiment with new things, even if it doesn't work out.

Bruno has a bad habit of sugarcoating how he feels about someone, and doesn't like straight up telling someone he doesn't like being around them. Bruno loves being complimented due to how often he was complimented in school, though some say he can be a bit too needy for them. It takes a lot to get him mad, and when he is, Bruno likes to be alone so he can relax and calm down. He can also be selfish at times, but he hates to admit that. He has a hard time understanding how some people find it hard to make friends when he has an easy time meeting someone new. He'll often bring one of his own friends and introduce them to someone who's trying to meet someone new.


Bruno is tall with a height of 6'2ft, and has a mesomorph body type. He normally wears short or long sleeved shirts with some kind of pattern on them, and is almost always seen with his half jacket. He normally wears some kind of boots over shoes, and always wears his pom pom ones during winter. He normally has his hair pin and bracelet on as well.


  • Playlist
  • He has Elementalism Class magic, and can control the temperature. The temp around him can often be used to tell if he's feeling an extreme emotion
  • Lives in Marina, but originally comes from Lunali
  • He doesn't like bringing up that he's part of the Narix, but is fine talking about it if someone knows he is
  • Loves honey lavender ice cream
  • Snow cones are his favorite snack
  • His favorite thing to make is Monkey Bread!
  • One of his favorite meals is Chicken Biryani
  • Loves swords
  • Has a pure white bunny named Mr. Snugglekins
  • His B-Day is a leap year B-Day, and he gets super excited when it's a leap year!
  • Likes modern art
  • Loves most card games
  • Owns a "Tough guys wear pink" shirt
  • He's tried out multiple jobs, and in the ended decided to turn his hobby of cooking into a career
  • He can't sing very well, but it's better than it use to be
  • Never learned how to swim
  • He has hemophobia (Fear of blood)
  • If he played a sport, he'd choose baseball
  • He taught himself how to play guitar during Highschool
  • If he's feeling playful, Bruno will mess with others by changing the temp
  • He has a lot of floaties if he goes swimming anywhere

Drawing Notes

  • Bracelet and hair pin are optional but preferred

  • Please draw him in a cheerleading uniform with a skirt and pom poms. My friend and I talked about that and now I gotta see it. He'd be a great cheerleader
  • Draw him with a flower crown!
  • Him sitting and playing guitar



Shiro is his little brother! He loves his brother dearly, and likes to make sure Shiro feels included in things.


Bruno doesn't understand how Ari can be so shy, so he likes trying to help Ari make new friends, though he knows when to let Ari have his alone time.


As a little kid born on Lunali, Bruno already loved all the attention he was getting! He was told that when Shiro was born, that he didn't like his little brother at all. Bruno would wonder why he needed a brother. When he was a few years older, he started getting closer to Shiro. As young kids, they grew close, but also normally had their arguments and fights like brothers do, but at the end of the day, they still like each others company. Even though they fought about who ate the last cookie, or claimed that the other cheated in a board game, they were always at each others sides through thick and thin. Bruno loved seeing Shiro excited over making ice cream, and was even happier when his little brother was taught how to make actual ice cream. The two would often eat some home made ice cream as they watched their favorite shows together. They kept their close bond as they grew up.

Bruno found out that he could control the temperature around him at a young age. He also found out that it was normally tied with his emotions. The air around him would get warmer when he was embarrassed or mad, and colder when he was feeling down. He was disappointed he couldn't use cloudwalking magic, but he quickly found it useful when a warm food got too cold and was able to warm it up. He was also upset when he found out he couldn't make snow, but still found it pretty handy anyway. Bruno started helping out his parents with dinner more often.

He found a love for cooking while helping his parents make dinner. As soon as he was old enough to work the stove, he was experimenting with all kinds of things! He checked out cookbooks, and when he was allowed online he'd check out video tutorials on how to make all kinds of things. Bruno fell in love with cooking with all the ways he could prepare different things, and would often ask for a home made meal instead of going out to eat somewhere.

Since middle school, Bruno quickly became one of the popular kids. He'd often get invited to hang out with some friend group he didn't know very well. He'd normally accept if he could bring Shiro with him, as he knew Shiro didn't have many people he hung out with. He helped Shiro make a few friends this way. Bruno never forced Shiro to hang out if he didn't want to.

Bruno never did date during middle school. He just didn't find someone that clicked with him. In high school, he was one of the most popular guys. He'd often be flirted with, but Bruno was always too oblivious to realize that. He thought they were all being friendly. He still stuck around Shiro when he could. He had two amazing friends. Bruno never realized that both of them flirted with him. He could often be seen hanging out in one's acting class when he was allowed to. He'd also cheer on the other when watching the cheerleaders. Bruno even tried on a uniform himself. When he was asked out by his female best friend, he said yes. They dated until the end of high school.

Bruno was head over heels for her, and was heartbroken when she wanted to go to college on the other side of Lunali, and broke up with him. Bruno was constantly down, and not as energetic as before. Shiro did whatever he could to help his big brother. It took months until Shiro noticed an ad for an animal shelter nearby. He took Bruno to the shelter on his birthday, and went with him to look at all the different kinds of animals. Bruno instantly fell in love with a big, white rabbit with wings. He never thought of owning a Lunali specific pet before. Bruno and Shiro got everything they needed to take care of the rabbit and took him home. After everything was set up, it took Bruno a few hours to think of a name. He named his bunny Mr. Snugglekins, or Snuggles for short.

Once Bruno was feeling better, he started trying out different jobs. He started out at the shelter he got Snuggles at, but quickly found out he'd rather be around other people more. Even if he loved being able to hang around the rabbits a lot. After trying some different jobs out, he settled on being a cook. After about a year at his job, once of his technomancy friend he kept in touch with after school contacted him, and mentioned he was going to Nemorstom, one of the contients on Cholpon on the ground. Bruno took interest and talked about going there with Shiro. They've always been on Lunali, the hidden floating island, and he was curious what it was like down there. He talked about it with his parents after Shiro agreed to go, and a month later, the two packed some of their things and went to Nemorstom.

The brothers stayed in a hotel for a little while as they went house hunting. The two of them used the extra money their parents gave them to buy a house once they found one they both liked in Marina. Bruno was happy Shiro was able to find an ice cream shop to work at. Bruno helped as a volunteer at Snow Haven while he was searching for a restuarant to work at. It didn't take Bruno long to find a nice place to work. once the boys settled in, Shiro found out about an animal sanctuary, and eventually adopted a ferret that he named Chip.

The two of them helped out their technomancer friend whenever they could, and kept it a secret from everyone that they're from the Narix. Well, the best they could anyway. The hardest part was hiding that Mr. Snugglekinds had wings. Shiro's boyfriend, Ari was the first to find out. And years later, the friend group the brothers were in found out as well.