"Think you can beat me in a game of Spades?"


Ace is known for being calm and intelligent. Around Galaxy Dollars, the coffee shop that he works at, Ace is told that he's the best at dealing with angry customers. He enjoys the occasional joke and harmless prank with those he's close to. He shows his affection though actions more than words, with pranks being a good way to tell if he considers you a friend. Ace also likes to show he cares through checking up on someone, and giving a free coffee to someone if they come by while he's working. Ace isn't afraid of saying what's on his mind, and will stand his ground when it comes to the things he believes in. He has a strong sense of family, so he keeps in touch with them and his close friends.

Ace is quite good at lying and telling people what they want to hear. Because of this, he's skilled at manipulation to get things he wants from people. While he does his best not to do this to friends, he will use it to his advantage when one of them needs something from someone else. Ace doesn't blush or get flustered easily. The best way to do so it to mention his height. He hates the reminder that he was one of the short guys in school! Ace keeps people at arms length, and doesn't go out of his way to make a new friend. While he's fine with striking up conversations with someone new, he'd rather let people come to him. He keeps the friends he has close to him, and makes sure they're protected. He enjoys needle point sewing.


Ace is short, fit, and has a height of 5'3ft. He prefers wearing shades of green, or darker colors. He loves argyle patterns, and can often be seen wearing clothing with that pattern.


  • Playlist
  • His magic is in the Whimsical Class. He can turn invisible for a set amount of time (Around 11 minutes). With the recovery time between using his magic, on average Ace can use it about 10 times a day
  • Preferred weapon: Anything besides a sword. Mainly works easily concealable weapons and poison
  • He lives in Marina
  • His assassin name is Shadow Striker
  • He works at a coffee shop called Galaxy Dollars
  • His preferred coffe is a warm flat white with almond milk
  • One of his favorite snacks are pizza rolls
  • He loves playing card games and the occassional puzzle
  • He's skilled with knife tricks
  • He has a low alcohol tolerance
  • He knows how to sew and finds it relaxing
  • He has a fear of chickens after getting pecked multiple times by one as a kid, but he loves eating chicken
  • Grapes are his favorite fruit
  • He has a pretty decent singing voice and like to sing occasionally when he's alone.

Drawing Notes

  • Gore is alright with him. No guts though. If there's a lot of blood it's preferred to be a different color other than red.
  • He has a diagonal scar on his right side



Clover has always been the family member he's been closest too. He's learned a lot from her, and wouldn't trade her for any other sister in the world!


While Ace does serve Chance's coffee at Galaxy Dollars, Ace is wary of him due to him being a Blackjacks member.


Ace has grown fond of Jazz and likes when she comes to hang out


Growing up, Ace was close to his parents and his older sister, Clover, who was around five years older than him. They had their fights and arguments. but were normally on good terms with each other. They'd often hang out, and Clover would often teach Ace some neat things she found out. One of Ace's favorite things he learned from Clover was how to flick a card. Clover also tricked him into thinking fifty-two card pickup was a real game. Clover had a pocket knife collection that she like showing Ace once the younger brother got to middle school. Clover even let Ace pick out one to keep, and Ace still has that pocket knife to this day.

Ace was always interested in card games growing up. He'd often play some kind of Solitaire when he was bored, or find fun card games to play with his family. He could even do some card magic tricks after he figured out how to do them right! He'd normally have a deck of cards on him when he left the house, and would play something when he was bored and had enough space. He'd often play cards at school during lunch or recess.

One day, during recess he and his friends were seeing who could hold their breath the longest. Ace was amazed to discover that he turned invisible for however long he held his breath! He got in trouble for using his magic to scare some of his friends, and even his big sister! He learned that he couldn't go invisible every single time he held his breath, and was quick to find the limits of his magic. Ace could only do it so many times per day for a limited amount of time. He practiced holding his breath longer just so he could stay invisible longer.

During highschool, Ace noticed that Clover was gone more often. He didn't think much of it at first due to thinking that Clover's job was keeping her late, but he noticed that even on days off, his sister wouldn't be home as often as she use to. One night, Ace followed his sister to Unity Casino. He was spotted by Clover before he could get inside. Clover made Ace promise to not bring this up to their parents, and sent Ace back home. Ace just thought his sister developed a gambling addiction for awhile. In reality, Clover was a part of the Blackjacks, and was trying to protect her little brother and family. It wasn't until after Ace graduated that he learned it wasn't a gambling addiction, and that his sister was really an important part of the Blackjacks.

After the next few years, Clover trained Ace in self defense. She told Ace that she didn't want anyone else getting involved with the gang, and to protect their parents if anything happened to her. Once Clover overheard that the Blackjacks were planning something big, she trained Ace to become an assassin, and hoped that Ace would only use those skills when absolutely necessary.

Ace managed to stay hidden from the Blackjacks, but Clover was caught snooping into top secret plans. Ace had been worried when his sister didn't come home one night, and eventually found Clover in an alley way. Ace managed to get to the hospital in time to save his sister, but quickly found out that Clover was left in a weakened state. Clover needed help getting around, and tired too quickly to do anything with the Blackjacks. Clover asked Ace to not go after them, but Ace had already made up his mind to continue looking into how assassins work, and get back at the gang. While Clover doesn't agree with Ace's choice, she still gives Ace advice on how to keep himself safe.

Ace later moved out of his parents house and got a job at Galaxy Dollars. Clover often comes to stay at his house for awhile before going back home. Ace spent his days silently judging the coffee choices of others, and spending time with Jack at the Cat Scratch Bar his friend owned, then spent his night researching, and even making his own assassin outfit so he could blend into the night. He took on easy jobs at first under assassins that Clover trusted with her life, and had no affiliation to the Blackjacks. Ace developed his own moral code for assassination while taking on these jobs, and decided to only take jobs where he believes the victim he's going after should be killed. To this day, Ace is doing both jobs, and is hoping to take out the Blackjacks sooner rather than later.