Hey there and welcome to my website! I'm Stormeko!

I'm not really sure what I wanna put as my opening page, so feel free to look around. I'm still learning coding things, so please tell me if you see anything I could improve on! This currently is best viewed on desktop. I'm working through tutorials and will eventually get to mobile responsiveness! I'm working on this site off and on, so updates won't be constistant. Any tips or ideas would be awesome!

Any dates are in the MM/DD/YY format!

Dunno where to start?

If you're looking for art, why not check the gallery? I do commissions too! Sometimes art trades and requests

Looking for fun stuff to put on your site? Check out some fun stuff I have!

Are you into checking out OC's and worlds others have created? Cholpon is my most fleshed out world if you wanna take a look!


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  • 6/3/23 - Haven't been keeping up with this log. Lightbox has colors, I've added a pet page, changed the font, and added a status cafe! Slowly going through and updating code by indenting the way I want instead of using a formatter. Might use tabs for some pages instead of using multiple pages. We'll see
  • 5/16/23 - Finally setting up the gallery! Gonna do normal art gallery, and then OC galleries
  • 5/10/23 - Finally made a blog! Also slightly tweaked the colors, and added some heading color
  • 4/29/23 - New CSS has been added. Cleaning up pages and organizing folders. Possibly adding an archive page
  • 4/27/23 - Started on updating the layout. Not much of a change. Cleaned up CSS and added the page you're on for the nav bar. I wanna use different blues and maybe some yellows, but I'd need to look into how to do more things
  • 4/21/23 - I'm on more or less of a hiatus for this. I'll try and keep up with OC things if I can, and try and get back to updating this regulary. Right now I really want a different layout
  • 1/22/23 - Added a favicon. Idk if it'll stick, but for now it's something
  • 1/21/23 - OC layout made. Some things look wonky, but it'll do for now. I'll go through and add oc pages. I also updated the general oc page to include images of each one
  • 1/9/23 - Made a site button after settling with a new username! Updated some pages and added a guestbook
  • 1/6/23 - CSS layout is done! Thank you to Skykristal and everyone else for the help! I'll be messing with the layout as I learn
  • 12/??/22 - I wanted to possibly add scrollbars to my OC's TH code. This ended up snowballing into me wanting to mess around with this site again! I added more pages as I learned about HTML and CSS
  • 5/4/22 - The site was made! It only had the home page I used a free code for, and a testing page where I tested a bunch of stuff. Ended up forgetting about this for awhile