Hey there and welcome to my website! I'm Stormeko!

I'm just someone that enjoys drawing, coding, and learning new things. Feel free to look around! I think I'm always going to be learning new things about coding, so you're free to tell me if there's something I can improve on! This is best viewed on desktop! I wanna get it mobile friendly someday, but it shouldn't be too bad as it is. I work on this on and off so updates are never consistant.

Any dates are in the MM/DD/YY format!

Dunno where to start?

If you're looking for art, why not check the gallery? I do commissions too! Sometimes art trades and requests

Looking for fun stuff to put on your site? Check out some fun stuff I have!

Are you into checking out OC's and worlds others have created? Cholpon is my most fleshed out world if you wanna take a look!


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  • 3/18/24 - OC pages are being redone!
  • 11/7/23 - Updated the gallery. Instead of using titles that show OC credit when you hover, I switched to using the figcaption tag to add OC credit
  • 10/12/23 - Added a quotes page!
  • 9/10/23 - Messed with headings again. Relinked pages, reorganized folders and files. Mostly code stuff
  • 6/3/23 - Haven't been keeping up with this log. Lightbox has colors, I've added a pet page, changed the font, and added a status cafe! Slowly going through and updating code by indenting the way I want instead of using a formatter. Might use tabs for some pages instead of using multiple pages. We'll see
  • 5/16/23 - Finally setting up the gallery! Gonna do normal art gallery, and then OC galleries
  • 5/10/23 - Finally made a blog! Also slightly tweaked the colors, and added some heading color
  • 4/29/23 - New CSS has been added. Cleaning up pages and organizing folders. Possibly adding an archive page
  • 4/27/23 - Started on updating the layout. Not much of a change. Cleaned up CSS and added the page you're on for the nav bar. I wanna use different blues and maybe some yellows, but I'd need to look into how to do more things
  • 4/21/23 - I'm on more or less of a hiatus for this. I'll try and keep up with OC things if I can, and try and get back to updating this regulary. Right now I really want a different layout
  • 1/22/23 - Added a favicon. Idk if it'll stick, but for now it's something
  • 1/21/23 - OC layout made. Some things look wonky, but it'll do for now. I'll go through and add oc pages. I also updated the general oc page to include images of each one
  • 1/9/23 - Made a site button after settling with a new username! Updated some pages and added a guestbook
  • 1/6/23 - CSS layout is done! Thank you to Skykristal and everyone else for the help! I'll be messing with the layout as I learn
  • 12/??/22 - I wanted to possibly add scrollbars to my OC's TH code. This ended up snowballing into me wanting to mess around with this site again! I added more pages as I learned about HTML and CSS
  • 5/4/22 - The site was made! It only had the home page I used a free code for, and a testing page where I tested a bunch of stuff. Ended up forgetting about this for awhile