About Peluna

Peluna is home to many animals big and small. Generations of evolution has made it to where Pelunians are omnivores. Some have a preference, while others are fine eating whatever they can. Towns and cities around the world use the environment in their design. There's a lot of greenery everywhere you go. Some towns are built into the trees, and some cities are in underground cave systems. There's not a single place that doesn't incorporate the surrounding nature into the design. Many Pelunians keep some of their past animalistic traits. Such as cats needing to scratch on things, wolves howling in harmony, and many other traits. Anthros here come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and there's normally an accommodation for everyone big and small.

While anthros are the dominate species of Peluna, ferals exist on Peluna as well. It's common to see Pelunians who have a pet. Feral animals are treated with respect and kindness.

The main currency on Peluna are crafted glass crystals called Prisms and Shards. Most Pelunians accept these, trades, or even bribes in return for something. They may trade what they want or need, or buyers will bribe the seller with services like cleaning or helping the seller with something.

Dragons and dinosaurs were myths for quite some time before Peluna was explored. They were considered a legend until flying and sailing became available to everyone. It was discovered that both species inhabit the continent of Zaphiara. Though it's been noted that both tend to stick with their own species and leave the other alone. Though they share the continent peacefully with each other. Visitors are welcomed as long as they respect both sides, and don't wreck anything. Dragons and dinosaurs aren't often seen off the continent, but when they are it's normally a younger one. Elderly dragons and dinosaurs don't often venture off the continent.

Magic somewhat exists

Dragons and dinosaurs both share a common story in Peluna. Both of their histories say the world started with a deity known as Betty. Some say she created all, while others say she was the one to give magic to the dragons. A large group claim that mannequins are a way of Betty showing herself to the inhabitants of Peluna, and will often worship these mannequins. This group of worshippers are called The Chrildren of the Quin. Or The Quin for short. Not much is known about them expect for their love of finding mannequins and eating nuts