"Do you want to come and walk with me?"


Nova is a gentle giant of a liger. While he likes the time he has to himself, he loves the time he spends with friends even more. He's calm and likes doing hobbies at his own pace in his own time. He tends to get things for himself before others, but he does like to give gifts when he's gotten his needs taken care of. Nova like to make sure to take care of himself mentally and physically, and likes setting a goal each day, even if it's something small. Even a small win is something to be happy about on those low energy days! When he has the energy to help others, Nova will listen to his friends' problems and either give advice or spend some quiet time with them depending on what they want.

Due to how he keeps self care in high regards, Nova can come off as fussy with his appearance and home. While he loves keeping his fur and mane clean, he's more fussy about how his home looks, and likes to keep it in tip top shape. While he is relaxed, Nova does have some quirks. He loves almonds and is often seen munching on them, and for some reason, Nova can't help but smile at manniquins. Sometimes you can catch him speaking softly about someone called Betty when he's around one.


Nova is a tall, fit liger standing at 6'2ft and often uses a cane. He can often be seen wearing a magician outfit


  • His back left has a permanent limp
  • Nova will sometimes walk with a cane when out and about
  • He's part of The Quin
  • May be trans ftm
  • Loves styling his mane
  • He adopted a lion cub named Nikita, who's now a young teen
  • Though it may take awhile, Nova will let you pet his fur if he knows you well enough
  • While he finds balloons fun, he can't stand the noise they make when they pop, and will often avoid getting them just because of this

Drawing Notes

  • You can draw him with whatever manestyle you like
  • The cane is optional, but preferred if he's walking
  • While I prefer him to be drawn full grown, he can be drawn as a cub or teen



Nova dearly loves Vaxon, and appreciates all the other lion does for him.


Nova grew up in the heat of the Thundering Barrens. He liked climbing up the mountains as a young cub with his friends and parents, and would sometimes travel with them to the trading town of Westray there. It was there that he found a magician kit. Sure, it was one of those cheap ones for children, but Nova adored it! He'd spend a lot of time trying to master all the little tricks. While this childhood wonder slowly faded as he grew up, he kept the love of magic. He'd off and on continue to learn and improve tricks.

As a teen, he started taking trips up the mountain by himself. Nova loved finding new routes and new sights to see. He'd pick up anything he found interesting and would love to take it home and show it off. While he did get lost sometimes, he normally made it back home before the day ended. One day, he didn't come home. He was on a mountain hike with his friends when a rock slide occurred. He was so focused on saving his friends that he didn't notice a large rock coming his way. His leg was caught and no one could see him under the rubble. While they went to look for help, Nova managed to get himself free.

Bleeding, hurt, and limping, Nova had a hard time navigating correctly, and he wound up even more lost than ever! Nova didn't think he was going to ever make it back home when he stumbled upon a small town in the mountain. He was quick to seek out help, and was able to get patched up. He was treated for his wounds and a broken leg. While he healed in the town, he learned about the interesting culture that the town had. Nova learned about the deity they worshipped, and even took interest in learning about it.

While Nova didn't have a way to get a letter to home, he made new friends over the time he stayed in Azmarin. A notable friend he made was a lion named Vaxon. He liked spending his time with Vax, and would show off the magic tricks he remembered when he was asked to. Nova had fun listening to how Vax stumbled into Azmarin, and learned why his friend decided to stay there. They'd swap stories, and often hang out while Nova was healing. Once his leg healed, he found out he'd have a limp from now on. It didn't bother him too much at this point though. Once he was up and walking again, he said goodbye to Vaxon and his friends with promises of coming to visit, then set off to find his way home with the help of a mountain guide.

After a few days of travel, Nova made it home to Hankala. His parents and friends were overjoyed to see him after they thought the worst had happened! Nova told them about his time in Azmarin and how he'd like to go back someday. Over the next few years, he took trips up the mountain every once in awhile, and loved hanging out with his large group of friends. One day, the leg pain from hiking up and down the mountain got to him enought that he finally bought himself a cane. He hated that he felt he needed one when he was still so young, and it took him years to be comfortable taking it with him more often. He eventually got a rectrable one that could fit in his hiking backback so he could take out it when he felt he needed it.

After Nova became an adult, he rediscovered his love of magic. He got more official magician gear and began practicing everything that he could! He began doing small gigs in the towns nearby. He loved how supportive Vaxon was at his shows, and eventually realized that he could catch signs that the other lion may like him. After one of Nova's bigger gigs, he asked Vaxon out on a date, and the two have been together ever since! After a lot of practice, and even getting a custom tailored outfit, Nova started doing shows all across the continent! He even performed in the desert towns of the Thundering Barrens, at least when he could handle the journey. He loved what he did, and would show Vaxon how to do some of the tricks, and eventually had Vax as his stage partner for some of the tricks he did. It didn't take Nova too long to get his own place near his parents' home.

After a couple of years, Nova was exploring the mountains one day, finding out if he could find anything new or exciting to bring back to Vaxon. He didn't expect to find an older cub who was lost! Nova led the cub down the mountain as he tried to calm her down. He learned that her name is Nikita, and that she ran away from home to prove she can handle being on her own. Nova took her back to his home after offering her a place to stay over night, after all, he grew up with the rule that you shouldn't leave a child alone in the mountains. After days of trying to talk Nikita into going back home to her parents, Nikita decided she wanted to live with Nova and Vax. Nova discussed it with his partner, and the two decided to take her in.

Today, Nova lives happily with Vaxon and Nikita, still honing his magician skills and living the more peaceful life he loves. He uses his cane more often, and has come to see it in a more positive light. Now that he's older, Nova likes to take it with him more places, and doesn't feel embarrassed to need one anymore.