Name: Mintyheart
Gender: Female
Species: Unicorn
Age: Adult
Height: Short
Body: Pudgy
Birthday: June 7th
Sexuality: Bi
Occupation: Joybringer


Mintyheart is known as the upbeat and cheerful unicorn who brings joys to those around her. She loves that she's able to make others happy, and does her best to keep everyone's spirits up, including herself. She's often seen with her girlfriend, friends, or family. Mintyheart is hardly seen with strangers, or in a crowded place. She prefers a small get together over a giant party. She enjoys learning new things, and is often a quick learner if the subject interests her enough to study how to do it. She's confident she'll eventualy reach her goals someday.

Minty is quite dependent on her friends, and often questions if being a joybringer really is her destiny. She's jealous and envious of unicorns that have magic as their special talent. When she's feeling down, she likes to snuggle up to Tall Teal until she feels better. She doesn't always like to work hard to achieve something, so she'll often wing things, then be disappointed in herself for it later on. She avoids lying, and will stay quiet instead of telling even a small white lie.


S/O: Alos
Mother: Lilac Sonnet
Brother: Unnamed
Friends: Vanilla Swirl
Enemies: N/A
Rivals: N/A

Drawing Notes

- Never draw her with a kirin tail or as an anthro
- She can be drawn with her new mane or old mane design! New mane preferred of course!
- New mane styles are also welcomed as long as it still looks like her
- On her new mane the lighter green stripes don't have to follow the wave

  • Sweets
  • Drawing
  • Animals
  • Stargazing
  • Magic
  • Snakes
  • Studying
  • Sports
  • Lying (Even small white lies)
  • Fashion

Mintyheart was born in Baltimare where she grew up with her mother and father. Shortly after she had a younger brother, Minty's father moved away. She was close to her mother, Lilac Sonnet, and her bother after that. She didn't spent a lot of time in Baltimare due to her family moving when she was just a young filly. The move didn't bother her very much, but it did take some time getting use to living in Vanhoover. She became interested in magic and loved watching shows. Her mind was set on becoming great at magic! She had a hard time learning magic since she hated studying. She often took breaks to get small cakes or candies, and even made friends with the ponies in the shops.

One day, Minty met Vanilla Swirl while she was doing some of her magic tricks. A unicorn her age who can do magic? And one that has her cutie mark already? She was excited! She explained to Vanilla that she was interested in magic, and that she was sure it was her special talent! Could Vanilla teach her some tricks? Vanilla was happy to teach her. Minty went home and practiced. She often practiced with Vanilla, even if she didn't make much progress. She noticed how down Vanilla looked one day, and found out that Vanilla had no idea whether or not her mother was alright. Minty spent that whole day cheering her up. She never gave up on Vanilla, and finally got her cutie mark when she brought joy to the other unicorn.

Growing up, Minty kept on practicing and was able to learn a few magic tricks. It may not be much, but she was happy with what she could do. She was sad to move out of Vanhoover, but she thought Ponyville was a nice place to live. After she moved, Minty kept up her practices. She often visited Vanilla, or Vanilla visited her. Vanilla would still teach some tricks and spells she's learned, while Minty would keep Vanilla's, and other ponies spirits up. She never did tell Vanilla that she's always been a little jealous of her.

While Minty was practicing teleportation one day at the park, she accidentally turned another mare's mane green. She apologized multiple times as she went to get Vanilla, thankful that her friend was in town that day. Vanilla reversed the spell while Minty introduced herself and explained to the pegasus that she's always been interested in magic. Tall Teal learned that Minty was trying to learn teleportation, and that she's had some success with teleporting small objects so far. The two mares became friends after that, and later became partners. They now live together and still talk about the day that they met.

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