"Are you sure we can't go get something sweet?"


Fidget is a child at heart and loves doing things she loved as a kid. She's often spotted watching her favorite cartoons or outside in the yard making a mud pie. It's easy to get her excited over something, even if it's something small. She doesn't talk to many people, and often only talks to people in her little circles of friends and family, but that doesn't mean she isn't willing to talk to new people. She likes talking to someone new, even if it makes her more nervous and shaky than she likes to admit.

Fidget can't stick to a schedule at all and often does tasks on impulse. Like her name implies, she's often fidgety. She has a hard time staying still, and doesn't like to lay down to take a nap unless she's exhausted. She can often be found bouncing her leg or tapping on something. Since she was spoiled as a kid, Fidget has a hard time accepting the word no, and will often resort to begging or bargaining to get what she wants. It's something she's actively working on. She wants to get better at accepting she can't always get it her way.


Fidget is a short and chubby cat with a height of 5ft. (8 inches as a feral) She's completely flat chested! She can often times be spotted wearing scaves, bandanas, and bracelets.


  • Should I give sonas a Playlist
  • She's not a pure Snowshoe, and has a percentage of others breeds including the Munchkin
  • Her favorite fruit are mangoes
  • She has ADHD and can be seen bouncing her leg or tapping her paws on something

Drawing Notes

  • She can be drawn feral or anthro!
  • She can be drawn with accessories. She prefers blues and reds





Close friend. They like napping in warm, sunny places together