Cholpon Traditions

There are markets that happen multiple times a year on Cholpon. Trader markets accept fair trades or Asters and Twinkles for an exchange. Official ones happen bi annually. One in spring and the other in the fall. Some countries have them seasonally depending on the weather. People from all around will bring things they don't want anymore, and trade them for things they're interested in. If the seller doesn't want any of the items, or doesn't see the trade as fair, the buy can buy the item with money instead. Each official market has someone who sees over the trades to help make sure no one's scammed. They're also the person to go to if the buyer doesn't feel like they really want the item they traded for.

Shelter adopt-a-thons are held during the spring and summer. People are allowed to play with shelter animals, and even take them for walks if the animal likes them. This helps keep the shelters from being full. Even if some people only take in animals as foster pets before they find their forever home.

Every June, pride month is celebrated. There's events anyone can join and win prizes if they'd like! It's almost like a pride month fair in a way. People can tell their stories to help others in their journey of identity and sexuality. People will often sell pride merch that they created there.

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