Everyone is born with a magic power. Some people discover it when they're toddlers, while others discover it when they're nearly a teen. Some people inherit their magic power from one of their parents, or something similar. Sometimes it's completely different. Everyone generally discovers their power before they become a teen.
-The police have power negation cuffs that negates a person's power. Prisons also have this affect.
-People can go to magic specific schools if they wish to boost/master their power.


Magic in Cholpon follows some rules, and can be categorized in five classes.

Elementalism- Element stuff. Only 1. Includes things like temperature, sound, ect
Summoning - Summoning items you own or you made a contract with
Psionics - Teleportation, Future sight, telepathy and telekinesis
Whimsical - Luck, illusions, invisibility, ect
Augmentation - Super speed/strength, healing, negation. Ability boosts


- Everyone only has one power
- You can't bring something that's not already existing into reality.
- Summoning abilities that summon objects can only be summoned if you own it and can carry it
- Levitation abilities also have the carry restriction. They can only hold a person for a few seconds.
- Mind, seducing, ect abilities can't force a person into non consenting situations
- Future sight can't see super far into the future. Normally up to a minute
- Invisibility can't last forever
- Illusions can't affect the real world

In Depth Look


People that have magic in the Elementalism Class have control of a single element. It's most common to see people with fire, water, wind, or earth magic. Some other elements that can be seen include ice, electricity, sound, temperature, light, shadow, and possibly even more. Because of this, Elementalism is very versatile, with many different ways that people have have managed to use it. Some may be able to control the element, like being able to create a nice breeze. Some have also been known to be able to shoot fireballs from their hands, or even seemingly sink into the shadows. Most people tend to stick to using their element in one way, while people set out to master Elementalism use their element in multiple ways.


People that have magic in the Summoning Class, like the name implies, can summon things. The most common form of summoning that's been recorded is being able to summon items that you own. A more uncommon version of this magic is being able to make a contract with an entity or an item. Once they make a contract, the user will be able to use a special skill or spell that was acquired as a result. They can summon the entity, creature, or item from anywhere in the world so long as it still exists on Cholpon. They can back out of the contract at any time in order to make a new one. In any case, people under this class can only summon things they are able to carry. The only exception to this is if someone were to make a contract with an animal. As long as the animal consents, they can make a contract with any animal.


People that have magic in the Psionics Class have psychic magic. Things like teleportation, future sight, telepathy, telekinesis, and more belong to this class. People who can teleport can quickly travel to places they've been before, and masters of this can even teleport to different continents! People with future sight can normally see into the future as far as ten to sixty seconds, though the world record is up to five minutes! Masters can usually control when they use future sight. People with telepathy can communicate their thoughts with people and animals without even speaking, though it's normally only a handful at a time. People with telekinesis can levitate things with their mind. This also has the restriction that Summoning magic has: in that the user can only use telekinesis on things that they can carry. There's been records of people being saved from great falls because of telekinesis.


People that have magic in the Whimsical Class have magic that can't be explained by the other classes. Magic in this class includes luck, illusions, and invisibility. People with luck based magic can have the power over good or bad luck. They can use their luck or misfortune magic on themselves or others. People with illusion magic can create illusions that don't affect the real world. And people with invisibility magic can go invisible for a set amount of normal, normally for as long as they can hold their breath.


People that have magic in the Augmentation Class have magic that boosts themselves or others. Things that have been classified in Augmentation include super speed or strength, being able to boost others magic, healing, and even magic negation. People who have healing magic often become amazing doctors or nurses, and people who can negate magic often help protect the public from crime. People who are able to boost magic can put a little bit of their magic into little trinkets, such as bracelets, necklaces, or most accessory items, to allow the wearer to get a boost to their own magic.

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