An ancient civilization known as Narix was discovered through ruins and deciphering ancient texts. Researchers have found that the people of Narix thought the magic of Cholpon was sacred, and treated it with respect. Ruins have been found over each of the five continents. It's been discovered that the first Masters were descendants from the Narix. According to the research that has been done, Narix was around even before the Great War happened. How they kept magic a secret from those outside their homes is unknown. It's theorized that the people from the Narix civilization used magic in their everyday lives, and may have even relied on it. Elementalism to grow beautiful gardens, cook their food, give them light, and much more. Texts say that Summoning was used to help others move from place to place a little easier. Psionics with telekinesis are recorded to have been quite helpful to their people, and those with future sight saved many lives by averting disasters. It's said that luck was used on crops for bountiful harvests, and Augmentation to boost all of these, or heal the sick.


The Blackjacks are the largest, well known gang in Cholpon. They have bases in each continent. Whether or not they're up to something big is unknown. What is known is that they rob banks and preform heists every so often. One Location hidden from the public is in Nemorstrom's Unity City. They have complete control of the casino there.

The Blackjacks' plan is to control the Celestials to be able to call all the shots. Only the highest ranking members know the plan. Everyone else thinks the gang is in it only to have control of the money.


The Celestials are the masters of each class of magic. They work with the kings/queens of each continent to keep the peace, and they train people to eventually take their place. They're responsible for keeping the magic system up to date with any findings.

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