About Cholpon

In the past

Ages ago, the people of Cholpon didn't realize that magic really existed. Some had speculations, while others didn't really believe it. Speculations and stories increased around the world, but it was hard to believe it until it was discovered that people really were capable of magical abilities. Teleportation, fireballs, healing, and even more made the people theorize that only some posses the power to control magic, while others didn't. Due to the popularity of the theory, groups of people started to form that wanted to take out those who had magic. The biggest of the groups was known as the Blackjacks. Fights broke out between those who could use magic and those who couldn't. The fight grew bigger and bigger throughout the years until a war started. After years of fighting, one magic user from each of the five continents gathered. After endlessly researching, they had discovered that everyone has the potential to learn magic. They just needed to discover what it was first. After the fighting stopped, each magic master took on multiple pupils to teach what they learned, and to promote one of them to the new master. Over time, scientists continued studying and researching the magic of Cholpon, and categorized the magic into five classes. Each class based upon the original person who helped stop the war. In the current time, the tradional of having a magic master, called Celestials in each continent continues on, and they often gather together to update any findings to the magic system.

In the present

Cholpon is a nice, peaceful planet. Countries around the world work together to keep the peace, and care for the people, animals, and plants living there. There are often seasonal, biannual, or annual trading markets depending on where someone is. There they can exchange money or trade with other people. Cholpon has a paper and coind currency. The paper bills are called Asters, and the coins are called Twinkles.

Cholpon is ruled by a king and/or queen in each continent. They work closely with one of the Celestials to keep the world at peace. The royal line isn't always blood related, and children, blood related or adopted, have a choice between ruling their country, or going off in the world and doing what they want. Rulers may not always choose their own children to be the next in line. If they see someone who's more fit for the job, they offer to train who they think would be fit to rule. If a ruler is corrupt, the Celestials work together to get them off the throne, and the next in line will rule. If there is no one, the Celestial of that continent will set out to find someone.

Everyone on Cholpon has some kind of magic power that's discovered before they become a teenager. Scientists who study magic have categorized these into a few categories: Elementalism, Summoning, Psionics, Whimsical, and Augmentation. Everyone has only one, and it's been discovered that kids sometimes inherit one of their parents powers, and that siblings often have the same magic power, or will have a power in the same category. There are schools around Cholpon where someone can go to learn to boost or master their power if they'd like.

Animals on Cholpon can live long lives, even longer if they're properly taken care of.

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