Beware of small spoilers for gameplay bits for Megaman Battle Network!

Still playing MMBN5 from the Legacy Collection. Back on the GBA, this was the first Megaman game I played! I'm surprised how much I remembered and forgot wow. I think this one is still one of my absolute favs for Battle Network, but I'm gonna beat it again first before I say for sure. Right now I'd still say 3, 2, 1, 4 would be my order to fav to least fav, but I love them all tbh. But damn do I find some things annoying as hell in this game! The "Double one and nine too tonight makes eleven" bit was stuck in my head, but the boss bit for that chapter? That was annoying XD I have a big love/hate relationship with that chapter because what happened, and if you'ved played then you can probably guess what the hate bit is.

But the chapter after that? I just wanna talk and find out who thought the 100 foe challenge was a good idea to add to the game. That too waaay too long to beat. I swear it took me at least an hour in total. But at least now I'm on the liberation mission. I should be able to get Humor soon! I'm excited to get to the post game! I told myself that I wanted to try and finish post game for 5 and 6 if I could. I've just been watching playthroughs for the others for the post games. But I remember doing some post game for Double Team DS with 5 so maybe I can manage? I'm not that great at virus busting, so we'll just have to see!