I thought it'd be fun to write another one of these. This'll mostly be what's on my mind atm and what I've been doing. Rambles about coding, MMBN, art, and other stuff ahead!


I said I was gonna be on a semi hiatus from coding, but that's also around the time I got back onto my ADHD meds, so guess who's switching between hyperfixations? Yup XD

Coding is honestly a lot of fun! I remember back in HS we had HTML classes that I think were needed. I remember having a lot of fun in those classes. I wish I remembered where I put all the notes I wrote down, but I think it was all only HTML anyway. I didn't really use much afterward. Just HTML links and line breaks. Wish I could've gotten into this sooner than I did since I'm learning pretty quick! I know back this time last year I was just looking into HTML and playing around with that and only had a free template from Avistella as my index page. It wasn't until I wanted to mess around with scrollbars on a TH character code that I came back to this in like December. Now here I am! I've learned a lot about HTML and CSS that I've been able to make my site with just vanilla CSS! Still need to look into BS or something for some things possibly though. And media quieres. Maybe once I finish MMBN?

I've met some nice people, and I've been able to talk to people I've been wanting to reach out to and chat with because of this. Even if I'm too shy to have a casual convo. Even just reaching out for help is a big step for me with how much I'm scared to talk to others sometimes. Anxiety's a bitch. But yeah! Idk if I'm gonna keep this layout though. I still wanna change it somehow. Coming up with ideas is hard, but I'll come up with something eventually. Maybe I'll use something other than blue for once XD

I do kinda want to do something more colorful, but not like eye strain kind of colorful if that makes sense? Maybe blues, yellows, and greens? idk. I just really love blue and yellow together. Plus green is my 2nd fav color. I'd love something galaxy looking. Even if I see tons of sites like that. It makes me happy thinking that a lot of people might like stargazing like I do. But I'm also thinking of like maybe a beachy theme. idk I just know I want something with blue as the main color. I've never really been that great with colors even though I'm an artist. Also apparently if you use JS you can have the nav bar the same on every page without needing to edit them all??? I need to look into how to do JS


Since the legacy version come out last month, I've been playing through MMBN and I beat the 4th game yesterday! With the Legacy collection out I finally got to play 2. Still hoping to find it on GBA someday though. I might slow down now that I'm on the last 2 games. Hopefully I can do some art or something. Idk why but Megaman just makes me so happy! I love these games! I remember loving 5 and 6 the most. Idk if my opinion will change now that it's been maybe around 10 years (More or less. Most are less I believe. more than 5 for sure) since I last played them. MMBN5 was my first introduction to Megaman! I have all the main games but 2 on GBA, but wow I didn't really remember hardly anything from 4! I'd def say my favs so far in order are 3, 2, 1, 4. Let's see where 5 and 6 are gonna be on that list.

I really wish the show would've gotten more seasons dubbed. I loved some of the ideas they had for it. But I can't even find the other seasons subbed so rip. Oh well. I should finish the last 2 games by this time this month maybe. I kinda wanna 100% complete these two. I didn't do that with the other 4. Saving playing the other versions for another time too. Here's to hoping that MMSF gets a legacy collection as well!


Because of those two hyperfixations I haven't really had the chance to do more art. I feel bad since I told myself I wanted to do 3 pieces a month. I'd love to do one a week. I know I'd get noticed more if I did. Which I really need to happen since I wanna take commissions. Gotta try working on that more, and advertise once I get my teeth worked on. That way I can just focus on that without worrying about needing to go to the dentist. I improved a lot last year. I did a B-Day art for each of my OC's and that's 3 a month. Here's to hoping I keep improving and eventually have an upload schedule! Or just upload more consitently!


All of our pets but one has had a DNA test done so far! Maggie's Embark kit arrived today, so now we need to mail it and wait for the results. I need to post a pet page eventually. Also I've been getting out more which feels kinda nice. I should've been out in the world years ago, but once again, anxiety is a bitch. But this year has had a lot of changes. I've got a card now and once commissions get going, I can have my own money to spend. I'm getting help with my anxiety, so who knows? Maybe I can go out and do something eventually if commissions don't work out. Idk. I'm just scared to get out there. But I'm a little excited hoping things will go well.

That's all I can think of. Thanks for getting this far! Let's see what the rest of this year will bring! :D