Hey there, I'm Stormeko! I've been wanting to try this blog thing for awhile now, and finally got around to checking out how to set it up! Idk what I'll talk about. Maybe I'll just ramble. Who knows?

I've had a lot of fun coding my site so far! Coding is fun but confusing. I need to clean up my pages a bit, and make it mobile friendly. If I haven't looked into Bootstrap or media quieries by the end of 2023 someone come and make me do that! XD

Idk what else to say. I'm just currently switching between coding and playing Megaman Battle Network atm. If you have any tips or advice on how to improve my site I'd love to listen! Or just lmk somehow that I'm allowed to reach out for help. I sometimes have a hard time reaching out ^^' (Thank you to Sky so far!)

Anyway, thanks for reading! And here's to hoping I can keep learning and code some neat stuff for people to enjoy!