Art Trades

Art Trades

- I can normally get my part done the same day or within a couple days
- Less than a month is heavily preferred
- Sketches must be sent. I wanna make sure I draw your OC right and I'd like to make sure mine is drawn right
- I don't go by shaded for shaded. Just go by what you want or what seems fair! We can work it out!
- Give me a handful of OC's to choose from please!
- You can pick anyone in my TH. I can give you a tag if you'd prefer!
- Must have some kind of unshaded ref
- I'll upload my part to my art sites. Let me know if you have an account and I'll ping you!
- If uploading to Toyhouse the on site credit is Stormchi
- Nothing will have a background unless it's simple (This may change once I'm more confident with them)
- Everything will at the very least be a clean colored sketch

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