Prices are in USD for personal use. Please talk to me about commercial use beforehand so we can work something out.
Complicated character will cost $5 more. Simple backgrounds are free. If you want me to experiment with a background, we can work something out!
I switch between working on a 1000x1000 or 2000x2000 canvas! Let me know if you have a preference. I'd rather not work on anything bigger, but do let me know if you want a different size!

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Terms of Service


Will do

Just ask if it's not in the won't do section


Won't Do

Fandoms I for sure won't do include: Harry Potter, Five Nights at Freddy's, anything by VivziePop, anything by Pocketpair, ect. This can be added to at any time.

For my full gallery please visit any of my art sites! Images here are Oldest to newest

I also offer experimental art and YCHs! Those are listed on my Artistree, so please go check that out!

Busts: $20 - $30

A bust shot of a character of your choice. Flats are $20 while shaded is $25. Complicated characters are +$5
Simple backgrounds can be added for free

Helix @KirbyGal
Jordan @Sleepychi
Ace @Me
Ari @Me
Kipper @Me
Human bust
Izzy @Me

Half-bodies: $25 - $35

Flat color is $25 while shading is $30. Complicated characters are +$5
Feel free to ask for a simple background!

Dakota @Me
Vivie @Me
Bruno @Me
Lucia @Me
Human Halfbody
Ember @Me

Fullbodies: $30 - $40

Flat color is $30 while shading is $35. Complicated characters are +$5
Simple backgrounds are free! We can work out a price for a more complicated background!

Tangle @Me
Vivie @Me
Vivie @Me
Arlo @Handy
Ace @Me
Liger fullbody
Nova @Me
Dragon Fullbody
Frost @Me

Ref sheets: $40 - $60

I generally work on a 2500px by 4000px for refs and crop from there. Feel free to lmk what size you want. I'd prefer not to go bigger though

Comes with front and back of furries, or both sides for MLP and ferals. Human refs are new, so we can work out what you want.
Complicated characters +$10
Side view +5
You will receive a transparent one, and I'd be happy to include a simple background as well for free!

Ring Runner @Me
Vivie @Me
Frost @Me
Lucia @Me
Furry ref
Zale @AviiBoii
Furry ref
Wes @Me
Furry ref
Jackie @Pokefan482