Prices are in USD for personal use. Please talk to me about commercial use beforehand so we can work something out.
Complicated character will cost $5 more. Simple backgrounds are free. If you want me to experiment with a background, we can work something out!
I work on a 2000x2000 canvas! I'd rather not work on anything bigger, but do let me know if you want a different size!


Terms of Service


Will do

Just ask if it's not in the won't do section


Won't Do

Fandoms I for sure won't do include: Harry Potter, Five Nights at Freddy's, ect. This can be added to at any time.

For my full gallery please visit any of my art sites!

Busts - $10 - $20

Flat color is $10 while shading is $15

Pride bust of a bat fursona Bust of husky kemonomimi

Half-bodies - $15 - $25

Flat color is $15 while shading is $20

Human playing guitar Bat saying a joke

Fullbodies - $25 - $35

Flat color is $25 while shading is $30

 MLP pegasus skating Furry anthro dachshund

Ref sheets - $30

I generally work on a 2500px by 4000px for refs and crop from there. Feel free to lmk what size you want. I'd prefer not to go bigger though
You will recieve a transparent one, and I'd be happy to include a simple background as well for free!

bat fursona ref MLP ref human ref