2023 Art

Wow. 2023 I had a lot of ups and downs this year. It's the year I finally got a card and could really start taking commissions, and managed to get a few this year! I felt a lot better about my art during the beginning of the year, but as the year went on, I started to dislike it again. But hey, that's the ups and downs of being an artist. Sometimes you'll love your art, and sometimes not. Either way, I do feel like I've improved even if it's just a little bit. I'm feeling better about my shading, and I'm starting to get more confident with things that are more than just a bust. I still have a long way to go before I think I'll truly be happy with my art, but I have come a long way since 2016!

Furry ref
Vivie @Me
Dragon fullbody
Frost @Me
Dragon ref
Frost @Me
Human fullbody
Bruno @Me
Sonic FC stripped hyena
Zap @Me
Human fullbody
Brioche @Grammar541
Human fullbody
Tangle @Me
Human Bust
Helix @KirbyGal
Furry pride art
Vivie @Me
Human fullbody
Nikita @KirbyGal
Lion fullbody
Rai @Yoki
Cat bust
Hopper @TheEliBlog
Red Panda ref
Pamo @Me
Wolfboy chibi
Neon @Flaz
MLP Alicorn
Lilac Sonnet @My mom
Furry bust
Vivie @Me
Furry bust
Jordan @Sleepychi
Furry bust
Riot @NeonGiggleDog
Feral Vivie
Vivie @Me
Angry human bust
Ace @Me
Sonic OC laughing
Arlo @Handy
Human bust
Chance @Me
2023 Art Summary
Art Summary

Fan Art

Fanart I've made!