About the Artist

Hiya! I'm a digital artist who's been drawing all my life. I loved drawing at school, and use to draw the same picture of my dog over and over again! I loved drawing Lilo & Stitch characters, and have those drawing in a binder somewhere. Maybe I'll post those someday? But those were when I was in elementary school. I even drew a lot of Sonic characters in the same pose too. I liked tracing over official drawings like Pokemon in the Pokemon books I got, or just copying a picture that I saw of my favorite character. It's what I did during middle and high school. I actually only started getting more serious once I started using my drawing tablet in 2016. Originally, I just used it to color furry bases since that's when I made my first fursona, Skye the wolf! Eventually I started making more OC's and got real into drawing MLP characters. And that's how I started really getting into drawing and improving! Hope you enjoy!

Art Sites

I do also post my art to my Masto, Bsky, and Pillowfort, but those aren't art only. If you're interested in non art site places to follow my art, do check them! If you wanna see all the places I'm on that aren't art related, please check the About page!

Art Status

This will be the most updated version of my art status! You can check out each of these on the side bar!

Commissions: Open
Art Trades: Ask!
Requests: Mutuals, friends, and those I follow only

Art Queue

This is a place for me to keep track of trades and gifts/requests since I don't think I can keep up with Trello. If you wanna check on your commission, please look at the queue on Artistree!