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Nonbinary She/Him | Demiromantic, Polyamorous, Asexual | Chaotic Neutral | INFP-T | 21+ | July 18th
Cancer Sun | Capricorn Moon | Aries Rising

Hiya! My name's Storm, but you can also call me Tangle or Vivie. Or pretty much any sona name. But those are what I respond to the most besides my rl name. I've been online since 2010 and have been though a few usernames that I'll list below. If you recognize any of them, please do say hi! I'd love to reconnect with people I met, especially on the official Warriors forum (I'd love to reconnect with one of my first friends, Violetbreeze11)

I don't really know what to day about myself honestly. I'm the kind of person who's shy and nervous meeting new people, but enjoys making new friends. I'm bad at communicating my thoughts, so if you ever need clarification, don't be afraid to let me know! I like drawing, coding, working on OC's, watching cartoons/anime/movies, swimming, reading and a lot of other stuff! I'm diagnosed with ADHD and OCD and I don't take medication currently. Please forgive me if I'm a bit forgetful or hyperactive XD
Do feel free to explain to me if I did something wrong! I have a lot of tags blocked and don't keep up with things for my mental health.

Notable usernames: Tangleleap, Tangletalon38, LunarsStorm, and Stormchi

About my OC's

I've made oc's ever since I got on the internet. Tangleleap was my first oc back on the old official Warriors forum. I steadily made more until I started drawing, and ended up getting a lot more. My characters and worlds have only been getting a lot more fleshed out in 2019. I'm proud of how much I've written about them so far! I hope to eventually write more stories with them!


I'm mostly an artist who's been drawing all my life, but I never got into drawing seriously until I started digital art late 2016. I've only taken art classes in middle and high school, so other than that I'm self taught! I love getting constructive critcism on my art and am looking to improve!

Stuff I Like

My special interests include: Sonic, Spyro, Pokemon, and OC's

Other interests include: MLP, The Owl House, She-Ra (2018), ATLA, Megaman (Battle Network and Starforce), Mystic Messenger, Ace Attorney, Bungo Stray Dogs, Assassination Classroom, Hollow Knight, Warriors, Dust: An Elysian Tale, ect

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