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Hiya! This is a page dedicated to all my pets! I'll be posting info and pictures of them! Note that the pictures here won't have alts. I'm not really sure what I'd say besides the same thing over and over again ^^'
Pictures are from newest to oldest. I'll only be uploading my favs, so if you wanna see more just ask!

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Chloe | Mango | Maggie | Never Forgotten


Chloe's currently the dog I've had for the longest time! I've had her for her whole life! She's the kind of dog who likes things her way or the highway. She doesn't like to be moved if she's comfy, and she's protective of her food. She's a barker, but she's also a cuddler! Chloe may be small, but she's a bedhog! She likes sleeping in someone's bed at night, and can normally be seen with my grandpa in his chair. She's a small dog who likes to think she's all big and intimadating! She'll warm up to you quicker if you give her a treat. Chloe's spoiled and she knows it!

Birthday: May 25th, 2018


I had been wanting another indoor dog for so long before Chloe showed up! She was born here since my uncle's girlfriend at the time had a dog who was having puppies. Out of the four sisters in that litter, I quickly became attached to the little back bean who was the runt of the litter! Since I live with my grandparents, I had to ask if I could keep one, and thankfully I was allowed to! I came up with Chloe's name easily. A dog across the street had that name when I was a kid. As Chloe grew up, her fur changed from a black, to a more tannish gray, which was pretty neat! She ended up having long hair instead of short like her sisters! Chloe looks a lot like her mom instead.

Chloe Pictures


Mango is a big, orange tabby who's a cuddlebug! He's affectionate and confident! He can normally be seen sunning himself or playing with my mom's cat, Bella. Mango loves treats, and I've managed to get him to high five and spin for treats! He gets along well with the other pets, and I swear he doesn't seem to be scared of anything as long as he's in the house! Mango likes his outside time on the harness and leash. I'd love to get a catio since he's very interested in going outside to check stuff out. His favorite toys are crinkles and fuzzy balls! He'll play fetch sometimes with them. Mango's the first male cat that I've owned!

He had Legg Perthes Disease in late July 2023, and had FHO surgery August 2023. He's currently in recovery to regin normal usage of his leg.

Estimated Birthday: May 3rd, 2021


It was on 6/24/21 when I found Mango! I was feeling down and I went into the backyard with Chloe. On my way inside, I noticed Chloe had found something. She found a small kitten covered in stick tights. I was surprised that I was able to pick him up, so I carried him inside. I already had one cat, Chloe, and Maggie (Though she was my uncle's wife's dog at this time) so I was happy that I was told I was able to keep him. I quickly named him Mango, named after an old online nickname and my first cat fursona. After the first few days, he grew attached to me. He wrestled with the other pets too! We were all surprised with how big he ended up being!

Mango Pictures


Maggie is probably one of the sweetest dogs ever! She likes to be next to you and wanna give you all the kisses! She likes to see what everyone's doing. She's well behaved and comes when she's called, and I hardly ever hear her bark! She gets along great with other animals, and loves to relax with you. She enjoys sunning herself outside and chasing wild rabbits she sees in the backyard.

Adoption Day: November 16th, 2022


I don't actually know a lot about Maggie's past! She was my uncle's wife's dog before some family drama happened and they had to move out. My grandpa let me keep her! All I know is that before she was my uncle's wife's dog, is that her owner before that slammed her tail in a door, and that's why her tail looks the way it does. I have no idea how old she is either, but I'm confident she's either Chloe's age or a little older.

Maggie Pictures

Never Forgotten

This section is dedicated to the pets I've lost in some way. Just a lil memorial to them. Be warned this section may talk about death


I named her after Tootsie Rolls! I use to spell her name as Toosy. She was a food thief and begged for food. Tootsie's the reason one of my favorite dog breeds are Dachshunds! We don't know exactly what happened to her. Grandpa says that a coyote got her and one of the neighbor's Dachshunds.

Tootsie's Pictures


I got Orangeflower from one of my mom's friends. I don't really remember much about her either. I named her Orangeflower since I was really into Warriors at the time, and she inspired my first OC! I don't actually know what happened to her. She was a cat that we let in and out, and she just didn't come back one day.

Birthday: March 16th 2010

Orangeflower's Pictures


Spottedtail was one of Orangeflower's daughters. One of two females out of a litter of five. Spottedtail is the pet that I had for the longest time, and so far the only one that I know what happened to. Spottedtail was affectionate and liked to be pet. She didn't like little kids, and she was always terrified of thunderstorms. She wasn't cuddly, but she would lay nearby, and she did like kneading. I'm happy that I got to spend 10 years with her.

April 25th, 2011 - September 20th, 2021

Spottedtail's Pictures